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You're fucked if you accidentally unplug your headphones. "Bomb has been planted"
I totally want to do this sometime, just find the sound file of the bomb beeping faster and faster, and leave my laptop on the floor with it playing.
It's just like the 3rd act in the subway phone booths! Only without all the rollerblading. Or hacking.
If you have a 5-hour layover again, I'd strongly suggest paying the $50 day-pass option for the private club most major airlines provide (Delta Sky Club, United Club, etc) as a ticket up-charge.
I know you're just being snarky, but the clubs in international airports like Heathrow and Ch. de Gaulle are actually even nicer with more included food/drink amenities than the ones in the States. Food for thought.
Do you know how much it cost to gain entrance to the private clubs at Heathrow and De Gaulle? Just curious.
Wait, explain the day-pass option once more please. How do you upgrade for that? I have never heard about this before.
Holy shit, thank you so much! You've just made my year! You should repost this to r/travel, I'm sure there's quite a few people there that don't know about it as well.
I assume you just walk there at the airport, and pay the fee before entering?
Ah, I don't fly much but that's good to know for sure. Thanks.
That is a really cool tip. I am curious though, it says complimentary cocktails and snacks. Can you tell me more about this? Are they stingy on the drinks and stuff?
Not stingy at all. The primary customer for the clubs are professional frequent-flyers (Platinum status and up are granted complimentary 24/7/365 access to the clubs), so the service is not unlike a 4/5-star hotel and concierge.
It's amazing what you can get away with while wearing a suit and a smile.
I've learned to only get hammered if I have an aisle seat, especially on international flights. Nothing makes me feel worse than having to scoot by someone five times during a flight to go to the bathroom.
Which is exactly why I exclusively book aisle seats. Never saw the allure of window seats, anyhow. You're a good flight-neighbor.
This here is the best idea for long layovers.
So I ended up in Detroit for 5 hours. I used my droidX to tether and was playing some CS:GO online. With around 100-140 ping and some bad spikes here and there, it was more or less playable, all considering.
I would have been way too uncomfortable playing a game with terrorists in it at an airport.
Haha. I got a few funny looks when running around planting bombs, but no one said anything.
But what about during gameplay?
Edit: responding to the wrong post.
Clearly you aren't brown.
Says the guy I tagged as Akhilesh. What's up with that? Sounds sorta brown to me. Not trying to subject you to any stereotypes or anything.
I am brown. And I will be, forever.
You're now tagged as "I am brown. And I will be, forever."
The bomb has been planted!
I have a goal in my life to play that in an airport.
Imagine accidentally disconnecting headphones at that exact moment, full volume.
Aha I knew that was Detroit, those metal phone booth cubbies looked too familiar.
And I had to do with a shitty bench as Dulles.
Thought the same thing, but just assumed most airports look a like.
The ones in ATL are the same too. They should do what NYC is doing and turn useless pay phones into WI-FI hotspots instead
It was playable on 3G? That's surprising. I wouldn't be surprised if you were using a RAZR or something instead.
I'm taking a 4g mifi with me just in case I get a layover on my way to NYC tomorrow, I'm going to shoot some CTs in an airport and get odd looks from all the old women and bible thumpers.
How come you didn't try to play on the airport wifi?
You often need some form of code to log in, which you might need to buy. Horrible, but that's how it often is.
Lame, the times I've flown it's been free, mainly in CA, and the east coast.
All of the west coast airports I've been to have offered some kind of free wifi.
"Oh I'm sorry, you want to use the telephone? FUCK OFF!"
Pay phones are for cheating on your spouse
My thoughts exactly, or I could just picture OP awkwardly playing while someone gives a teary goodbye on the pay phone.
No one uses them anymore and there were four other ones right next to me that were empty the whole time. There are also tons of other pay phones around. Detroit airport is massive.
Yes but i want to use YOUR booth damnit
Well then we may have a problem.
Fuckin christ, guinness isnt even 9 bucks a pint here in mother fucking utah,
Remember, airport. They're built to do awful things to your wallet while you wait for your plane.
Sad thing is, 9$ is just about 7 euro, which isn't far off what you'd pay for a pint of Guiness in some places in Ireland.
I don't see how you Irish can afford to be alcoholics.
Indeed, I have the misfortune of being in Dublin for work and it's rarely under €5 a pint here.
Yeah. A Guinness in Sweden would be about 6 euro, so it's very close.
That is pretty damn expensive. BTW I had a layover in the detroit airport as well and wow.. What a nice airport I loved it, I had a nice lunch at one of the restaurants and a couple cocktails, all of which were priced very reasonably.
I had a layover there that was cancelled because the plane to HK was only half full. I had to stay an entire night in Detroit. Delta... not even once.
Guinness isn't even Guinness in America.
If you get it in a bottle its not, i know several places that have proper guinness on tap.
Guinness in a bottle? BRILLIANT!
It tastes like shit, too carbonated, and the flavor is just dull and boring, ive only had one stout that beats guinness on tap, and its called captain bastards, brewed here in utah.
Oh I know, I wasn't trying to be mean or anything. It was just a comical image that sprang to my mind. No one is going to fault you for having a great idea to pass some time!
Army Guy: Mrs. Smith? I'm afraid your husband has just been killed in Afghanistan.
Have you been in an airport in 20 years?
I thought this too, but then realized that no one uses payphones anymore.
So sad. So many lost opportunities for free money.
"The bomb has been planted."
Nice headphones! I have the same pair, they have lasted me almost a year now. Much longer then anything else i have owned.
Got them as a gift 2 years ago. They really are the best pair of in-ear headphones I've owned.
I was just gonna ask, what are those headphones called?
My friend got a pair of these in high school and he still has them almost 5 years later. And the sound quality is still excellent!
I've had mine for 4 years, best earbuds you can buy.
Haha, no. They are decent though.
Name some better earbuds,not headphones, earbuds.
Shure SE215 and up, Westone 3, Westone 4, Sennheiser IE7, Sennheiser IE8, UE 10, pertty much anything by Etymotic. Probably a lot of IEMs in the midrange as well but I named mostly high-end ones.
Right, let me rephrase. They are the best ear buds non-adiophiles can buy. Dropping $100 for the BOSE was a bit much for me.
There are literally thousands of choices, so it's pretty crazy to flat out call these the best.
True, I don't really know why I said that if I'm honest.
I would really call all these in-ears. I consider earbuds to be like the Apple ones that don't seal anything off.
You can find some Shure that are surely better.
They are really good. The first pair I ordered via ebay were fake and broke down quickly. Luckily BOSE were so kind and gave me a new real pair against the broken fake ones. Still working perfectly in everyday use.
Hijacking a little here to say that for all the negative attitude people give Bose, their customer service is amazing. I had the earlier version of these same headphones (minor differences to the hardware, and the buds didn't have the top "hold them in place in your ear" attachment for TWO YEARS.
I have the mie2 model. It's the same ones, but you can also use them to talk on the phone. It's the perfect headphones for anyone who listen to music on their phone.
I think whenever they come out with the mie3 ill get them. i really regret not spending the extra 20 bucks to get the controls and mic :(
Now all you need to do is play "No Russian" from MW2. That will get some looks!
Crossed my mind I have to say, but that's just asking for trouble.
high fives Never thought I'd encounter people with the same laptop as me. Everyone looks at me weird when I say I have an MSI
MSI laptops are awesome, their keyboards are made by steelseries =D
To be honest the keyboard is one of my least favourite things about the laptop. I find it somewhat difficult to type fast, relative to my old dell XPS. Also the extra / is right where alt should be which annoys me.
What laptop is that? It looks nice, and if it can run CS:GO... <3
Coooool. Is there a "continuation" of it? A newer model?
I did a tad of googling, and it looks awesome, but so does the GE70. I wont be needing to buy one right now though, ill have to buy one in the summer of 2013. Theres gonna be alot of good laptops at that time. im thinking ASUS or MSI laptops
Wow. That does looks good. I may need to sell my current one and upgrade.
"Bomb has been planted." everyone in the airport goes batshit crazy
You should have been playing the airport mission from MW2.
Now I wonder why pay phones in places like that don't have metered power & Wifi
You couldn't saved a lot of money by building a mini itx with a gtx 560 and i5, nobody really NEEDS a laptop they're overpriced...
Also Alienware is literally Hitler!
Dude one time i missed my flight so i waited for 8 hours over night to catch the next flight. so i plugged in my comp, busted out my razer and played league of legends till security opened back up
Haha. Funny thing is I've played league for 8 hours straight while at my house, so I can totally see that.
Up or for Steelseries mouse
I replaced my deathadder with the sensei a few months ago and I love it.
Sold the deathadder for 30$ to offset the cost so it's all good.
Same situation here. Did you go with the Sensei?
On a scale of 1-Sasha Grey, how much did they probe your anus for this?
I would be pretty scared if I had a cup of coffee right above my head
I'm diggin' the Bose headphones.
You know, people may need to use that Payphone!
There was a row of about 5 of them that were empty the whole time so it's all good.
This just made me realize how popular one would be with a power strip in an airport.
You forget, hipsters still exist..
Who uses payphones anyway! What is this 1970...BC? haha, fuck i'm funny
I like your spirit. Enjoy my button click on the upwards pointing arrow, just a few pixels to the left of your username.
Its like a cell phone, but attached to the wall. Our ancestors used it for some form of communication.
At first i was like, what if someone needs to use the phone and hes just going to take it up for 5hours, than i was like, who uses payphones anymore.
Just make sure TSA doesn't think you're training to be a TERRORIST!
Been there many a time, my friend. People always give you shit about lugging around a 17" rig until you're sittin' in airport for 5 hours!
Crazy, DIA has the same little Kiosk things, I've been in your situation before there. Happy battling!
Damn. I wish I had an airport layover right about now :(
Ha! Been there and done that, Thinkpad and all. I played the fan-made Portal levels Maybe Black Mesa and Android Hell because I couldn't get an internet connection.
I think you're doing it wrong; most major airports have wifi lounges or just pay for a day's admission to the Admiral's club.
But what if someone needs to use the payphone? oh wait
Playing some CS:GO I see, I hope you have a headset because I don't think "the bomb has been planted" is acceptable in an airport lol.
What is that black thinking hanging on the wall behind your notebook?
Whats that weird black thing with a silver cable behind your laptop?
Some kind of communications device.
Preposterous! Everyone knows that communications are handled wirelessly. I think it may be some type of weapon or maybe even an artifact used in some type of religious ritual.
Play counter strike in a airport smart idea hahah.
TSA give you problems?
I really like your minimalist design you've got going on!
What are you tethering with, your phone?
Yep, he said he was using the hot spot from his DroidX.
Should've been playing CoD MW2 on the No Russian level for the best effects.
Is that a Droid X2?
Nope, Just the X. Got it on launch.
Good so far. Thinking about getting the S3, but I may just hold out for a while longer.
I have one. Excellent phone. Although I'm tempted by the upcoming Droid Razer Maxx HD. I love a good battery.
As much as i love my steel series, im not bringing it for my layover
I need to use that pay phone!
Playing CS in an airport is dangerous. You absolutely can't let terrorist win.
What's that plastic thing on the wall? Just seems to be in the way of the desk...
Ever thought about just starting a conversation with someone else, that you don't know?
So people who need to use the pay phone?..too bad?
And you have a convenient pay phone close by. To travel through the matrix.
*Playing Counter-Strike The Terrorists have planted the bomb Watch as everyone flees in terror
Yea idk if I'd play an FPS at an airport
Think if someone heard terrorist has planted the bomb! LOL
It has a power point yea?
I don't know how you can get more than 60fps on that laptop. If I'm only getting 80fps on my desktop
I can pull around 80-90 on there. I get around 150-300 on my desktop, depending a lot of the map and where I am.
They need to unlock the fps commands. So I can get a constant 200fps like on css

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