Computer Setup


So clean, loving the Portal gun as well.
Thanks! Spoiler alert: it's normally not nearly that clean.
Dude we should hang out if you're near Seattle. ;-p
Sorry, living in San Francisco now! But I'll be back in Seattle again for PAX!
Me too! Great case! :D
Thanks for posting the link to that poster. I didn't know those were even available. Might have to get one.
Where'd you get that desk from? I've been looking for a simplistic desk like that with more depth. I live in Canada but even if it was shippable at a greater cost. I've yet to find a good desk anywhere where I live.
I have the exact same case as you, I love it!
Whats in that little box with the Hyrule crest on it? Or is that just a holder for the ocarina?
Wow, that's a gorgeous tower and your room is beautifully done.
Cheap monitor stand = capita 11cm legs from IKEA and any shelf you want !

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