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I thought those were automags holy shit!
You know it! Always nice to find someone who knows what those are. I have far too many of them, those are two of my fav's. One is a Shockwave Emag, the other is a Noxious V.E.R.
They're pretty sick, I miss my Pm6 and playing paintball every weekend :D
Man it's so hard to find a mag of any sort in good shape these days...Well, for a reasonable price anyway. They're beautiful.
Actually that station of yours would look beautiful if you took the time to do some cable sewing. Also I would like it more if there weren't stickers on your desk. But this is your gaming setup, not mine. Its still very beautiful. I guess I'm just nitpicking.
When I read 'Mechs' I thought of mechanical keyboards.
While I had an older Das, I'm not the biggest fan of mechanical keyboards anymore. I know, I'm crazy.
What don't you like about mechanical keyboards? Although I will say that the Das keyboards are notoriously unreliable.
Is your name Wilson by any chance!
Bookmark for gundams and a sick rig!
Just a practical question: how do you deal with dust on your rig? I like the concept of having an open case, but am always afraid of dust setting in.

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