Computer Setup


Felt the same feels as when I was raising this desk
PLEASE tell me you play world of warcraft.
No. Me wifey does. I play HON where the real virgins prove themselves BITCH NIGGER CUT LICKER! that was lucky shit and you know it GrandMotherFucker! come at me braj! did I forget to mention that you're a nig
Obviously no one else can tell this is a joke about those people who actually trash talk like this on some games.
Honest question, is it even comfortable to be sitting/lying like that?
So far this is my first night with the temp setup. I have sat and built for myself better BS's!
Fellow G500 user reporting for duty
Lol nice stash and pipe bro..
Awesome, do you like this better than a real desk?
Have yet to find out. but since my real gear is in storage and I have this tiny square room ATM. I find it to be a big improvement!
That window's gotta play hell with the monitor reflections....
We shall see once 5am hits
Wait, so you sit with your legs straight out? That seems horribly uncomfortable.
I am trying this legs straight out thing and it's kind of a fitness deal
Oy. I lost all my lower body flexibility soon after I quit gymnastics. That position would probably kill me. Good luck to ya!
Has sex. Hey wanna play Dota?" Sounded great in head. Then relized we are all virgins
That's cool and all, but you have to admit it's kind of sad. haha
Wish I thought of this, where do you put the tissue box though?
He just uses the sheets on his bed. :)
New to this redit shit but this is how I sit/sleep/work/play! ~in response to how comfortable I be

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