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I'll consider posting my setup there, too. Thanks.
Looks really nice. Can you link that wallpaper?
Moved the lamp to the opposite end of the desk and uploaded a new picture. Things were looking a little unbalanced.
I'm glad you moved the lamp. It was really throwing me off.
Lol, thanks. I never noticed how weird it looked until I took pictures. Definitely an improvement, in my opinion.
I loved your setup... Until I saw the CPU on the desk...
I've considered moving it to the floor, but I personally prefer it up high. Less dust, and easier to access when I need to get in the case for whatever reason.
Details on keyboard/mouse mat and desk?
Thank you, those look really promising. Inexpensive, too. Are they made out of a similar material to a mouse pad?
Looking at mine and then comparing as best I can to your's, it looks like the same material. Its a rubber back with a very smooth cloth surface. Cost be 7 bucks when I forgot my card sleeves one night and has survived 6 years of cards and dice on them without anything more than a small soda stain, which isn't even sticky once cleaned properly. Now, 3 months into being a mousepad its much better than what my solid wood surface has been.
Could you perhaps be so kind as to provide me with the models of table and monitor mount you are using. Thanks in advance.
No problem. I built the desk using an IKEA NUMERÄR oak countertop and 4 IKEA VIKA BYSKE legs. This is the monitor mount:
What lamp is that :o
Thanks man, this is why I love this coolcomputersetups. You can always find inspiration and new ideas.
Everything looks great, but don't destroy the carpet with the chair!
Lol. I appreciate that, but the carpet in this apartment is already horrible. Not too worried about it.
Ah I see. In that case, mark your territory!
That's a really nice monitor! What model is it?
Plenty of space for more monitors! I wish I had so much space.
Yep! That's the main reason I made such a big desk. Looks a little oversized at the moment, but I wanted space for additional monitors eventually.
I'd recommend a high res central monitor, a normal horizontal monitor, and a vertical monitor.
What chair sit that? is it comfortable?
It's the La-Z-Boy Rudlowe Bonded Leather Executive Chair from Office Depot. Looks like they stopped selling it, but I wouldn't recommend it all that highly anyway. Fairly comfortable, but not exceptionally so.
Plus I wouldn't mind something a little smaller/sleeker looking.
Can you please link were you got your head set holder it looks awesome!
I love the 500R. So much so I have one myself. Sleek, simple, and most importantly, lots of cooling options.

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