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You have got to be the most organized, and best coordinated student I've ever seen.
Thank you! I try to keep everything in my life as organized as possible because I am a bit of a scatterbrain haha. This will be my third year in residence so I had everything planned out in my head for a long time, there were only a couple hitches when I was putting it all together and it turned out quite nicely!
Wish I had pictures of my room at university during the final few months.
Haha not nearly as much as I'd like to have, I've gotten pretty lucky with sales and whatnot during the whole build process!
I don't quite understand What you mean about the DAC. Could you reformulate?
It's kind of hard to describe... The best way I can think of it that the low end (ie. the bass) is tightened up a little bit and sounds a bit cleaner. And other than that, the instrument separation and the sound stage are a little defined!
I have no regrets! =]
The leap is $79 and I don't know the audioengine off the top of my head, but they're great speakers for the money.
Those exact monitors were just on sale at Canada Computers for $100. Bought a few for work and have yet to open them haha.
Got mine at Memory Express for $89.99! I think they were fifty off or something like that, great monitors! Thank you for the kind words, I've become pretty proficient at setting my computer up over the years haha.
Chill on the tea my man, shit has high fructose corn syrup. Found a congealed piece in the bottom of my can one day.....never again
But... It's so tasty =[ lmao funny story actually, that fridge was completely stocked with beers the first night.. Then the next morning, I restocked it whole hung over. Hence the giant teas and apple juice!
I take it you like "Friends"? Nice setup.
I do love me some friends, more into Community and Archer as of late though! Thanks for your kind words!
I see you have a leap motion controller. I think they look really interesting.
They're very interesting, super easy to set up and use.. But a step in the right direction at most. Keeping in mind that it's a very new technology, there's not much support for it and it certainly has it's issues. However, I always get a kick out of turning up the volume by making circles with my finger!
This is probably the most accurate review of the LEAP I've seen yet. Wholly agree with you.
Awesome. I'm a student too, so I don't really have a spare £77 to get one at the moment. Hopefully they'll get more support and come down in price soon though, because I definitely want one!
Give it a couple months, I'm sure the support will be there but in the meantime keep an eye on their blog!
Awesome awesome setup. Loving all the headphones and the monitor setup is sick too.
Thank you! My new headphones (the HD598s) haven't let me down thus far, I absolutely love those things.
Good to hear it, Sennheiserbro. I've had my HD 280 Pro for I don't even remember how long, and they're still just as good, minor wear aside.
Upvote for a fellow G75 user. :)
FUCK YES, have an bookmark for Arizonas
Shit is the nectar of the Gods, I tell ya!
Really nice, like the style. Serious question though, where do you find the money for all that ? I mean the whole thing must cost nearly 5k.
Thanks! I've done some pretty strategic shopping over the last year or so that's landed me with the majority of my stuff! I also work on the weekends so with some saving I can usually plan to pay something off over a month or so, depending on what it is. I'd say I've paid about 60% of what all my gear is worth =]
Whats the ambient lighting called (that sylvania remote controls i assume)? :)
Where does one get one of those things to put headphones on? Looks like you may have made it yourself, but a point in the right direction would be nice.
I got mine from Massdrop, it's actually a cheap knockoff of this guy here:
Awesome! I've been debating whether I should just plant a wooden peg in the wall next to my PC or get something like this. I would actually love to build one into the side panel of my case, but it would probably be really bad looking.
I really lucked out on this one, it compliments the speakers really nicely! You never know, if it was done properly a headphone mount on a case could be awesome! They have them on the Level 10 cases IIRC.
I knew I recognized some of your gear from Massdrop!
I've been with Massdrop since the beginning, I love that site! They're part of the reason I'm broke haha.
They're Audioengine A5+ Bamboo speakers running through an Audioengine D1 DAC!
Out of curiosity, was there a reason you had the tower strapped into the seat like that as opposed to having it so the front of the case would've been facing you in the drivers seat?
Haha has been answered, but yes that was the reason. That case is a damn monstrosity and my tiny car can't handle it.
I'm just guessing from the AC vent, but is that an RX8?
Awesome setup - what are you studying?
Thank you! I am studying Business, logistics and supply chain management!
May I suggest a better way to travel with your PC...though I guess it depends on the size of the case and your car.
That's usually what I do, but my car was extremely packed and the only remaining space was in the front seat! Plus, I like to be able to hold it steady if I take a hard turn.
Omg what case? looks so sick!
NZXT Switch 810, best full tower under $150 IMO.
I fucking love this case, there's so much room to work inside of the thing. And awesome cable management too!
What do you use your leap motion controller for? Have they expanded on its capabilities recently?
There's some apps that I've played around with but lately I've been working on making functional profiles for some games with Gamewave. Probably the most useful app for Leap thus far.
May I ask how you hung your frames up? I'm looking for a way to hang framed prints up in my dorm room without making giant holes with nails.
I used those 3M tape hooks from Home Depot! With a small piece of mounting tape to keep them level.
Thanks! :) Been looking at those but not sure if they worked well or not. I'll give em' a go.
I adore my switch 810 but it is not a travel friendly case! Good job getting it all set up.
Thank you! I love working with the Switch 810 so it's worth the bulk when I have to move it around haha.
I'm about to crossfire in mine and I realized it's not even gonna be hard to put the second card in, despite using 12" reference cards and already having water cooling running around the inside. Such a well designed case.
Your desk headphone stand is pretty sweet and I like your speakers.
It's the Omega stand from Massdrop, it was a total steal too!
What model is the sennheiser headphone? Thank you!
Is all that expensive gear bought with student loans or do you have a nice family? I ask because as a grown man working full time I can't afford a setup half as good :-(
You can find deals everywhere, just need to know where to look. I just made a whole set up that's really decent for under 1800.
-cringe- DNF... ouch... the rest is great though!
Awesome. If the world were the right way you'd be knee deep in women. Seriously though awesome set up
This is totally what Ross Gellar's college room would have looked like in real life today.
I wish i had money
Awesome set up! Love the headphone stand too. Where is it from? What does the GG button do?
I love how neat everything is. Truly awesome. How are you finding the RAT7? I just got a RAT3 and it's pretty nice so far.
You've just cost me £50, because I googled what that Leap thing is and discovered that I really want one. Damn you! :P
I'm moving to uni in a week and shifting my entire desktop system too, any tips to make the process easier? Nice setup by the way, I want triple monitors so badly...
An almost more fitting term would be "My Massdrop Station" Beyond the Computer it seems like most of the stuff on your desk was sold on massdrop at some point.
Love the setup. Where did you get the Doctor Who posters?
Thanks! The Tennant poster and the Cybermen poster I found online and had printed at Costco, the other one is from the Collectors Edge in West Edmonton mall!
How much did it cost to get printed? I have thought of doing the same thing to some posters
24x36 prints are about $15!
Thank you! I like my mouse and keyboard to both sit on the mousepad, it was kind of a random decision but I have no regrets!

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