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Dude, your quickfire rapid is sweet! Where did you find those red keycaps? The side printing is sexy.
Looks great as usual. What about that case upgrade?
Enthoo primo I'm guessing, it'll be released in the next few weeks. Thanks.
So dipping in a custom loop is the plan?
It's always on my mind but now waiting for new video cards to release. =S
Why go for a watercooling based case, if your skeptical about watercooling?
I like the case and I might get the h320 now.
I'm an idiot, although, good on NZXT and Swiftech having near exactly the same model numbers /s.
Prior military, not a soldier nor stationed in Bragg, though. Did have to go to Benning. This was before my USMC gold ones, but I've been out for a while.
What chair are you using?
Damn love the QFR
Would you link the wallpaper? Awesome build btw.
That is Windows 8 right? How did you get the lockscreen wallpaper to span multiple monitors?
You use a 5760x1080/or your resolution wallpaper and it'll do that for you.
Just chose the same dual-wallpaper image as my lockscreen image and it's still only on one monitor hmm
Not sure how two monitor backgrounds would work, sorry.
You have a triple monitor wallpaper as lockscreen, yes?
Huh. don't know why mine wouldn't work then. My monitors are portrait so I just got a wallpaper that's big enough to cover both (it's not exact resolution)
Try cropping it to the exact resolution?
Ever run it in 3x1 portrait?
From a fellow V-MODA owner, good choice man. They're fantastic headphones.
Fuck you, and Fuck your thoughts!

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