Computer Setup


Pretty cool setup. I mean, for a dog.
Nice, but I think you misunderstood the purpose of a "tv tray."
I use tv trays for so many things, my laptop, consoles, actual tvs. Looks trashy but it works.
I was expecting the room to be pink, i wont say I'm disappointed.
Its more of an awkwaed lavender
I'm a girl. I hate pink. Crazy, I know. I like to be different.
Huehuehue.... Being a dick to strangers on the internet is FUCKING HILARIOUS.
I didnt know dogs could use computers!
How do you type with paws?
I wanted to see what game that was, but it was a calendar
I kind of like how the monitor on the right fits perfectly into the space.
What desk is the one pictured? I'm interested in buying a corner desk like that for my future room.
You should sit in your Dachshund's bed and see how he likes it.
Your sister masturbated in there. That ruin it for you?
What monitor is that, looks longer than usual
Where did you get that desk?
Office depot has one very similar to it if no IKEA around. Magellen Corner desk I believe was the name.
What kind of dog do you have and how old is he.
You should really get a better stand for that TV...
I think that I have the same chair as you, but it is kind of hard to tell from this angle.
I believe we have the same TV. I think mine is soon going to blow up, it's been making some strange noises and one day it smelt like fire. God I hope it lasts a little longer, TV's are too expensive.
What is the name of that calendar application that sits on your desktop called?
Looks like your dog got there first.
Can I ask what notch you have the bottom right side shelf on and what size monitor it is under it? I'm dying for a multi monitor setup on this desk.
Is that a Dell U3014? Never seen one in the wild yet. Looks nice!
Take it as a hint
-I'll try to reply to some of the questions in the morning, it is making me wait about 10 minutes between each reply and i have class early tomorrow...
Thank god you did not buy that PC.
"kinda" that word. i dont think you know what it means
I have that chair! Target?
She will be so happy that her old bedroom is your new masturbation station.
Say what you will about Alienware computers, I think their desktops look awesome.
Dumbass with the Alienware lmao
I bought the same PC for my dad. Being able to change the color is pretty cool.
That's about as customization as an Alienware will have
Well my dad barely does more than e-mail so its really way more than he needs. I wasnt around to build one at the time so I figured he had the money to spend anyways.
Good on you, my parents will only use laptops, lol
PLOT TWIST: OP is the dog
I have the same Chair! There is literally no padding on it. Gotta do what you did.

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