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How are you watching the games? Are those streamed?
I'm streaming from
For a little bit I used Aereo, it's not up everywhere yet, it was nifty while i used it, but I couldn't justify the 8-9 dollars a month to myself for something I hardly use. At the very least I could watch a couple of the games that were on local stations, depending on when the Texans were playing. Gave me enough football to survive.
Greg Punzo on twitter usually runs a couple HD streams on Sunday, plus SD streams of the other games. It's usually the Packer game plus another in the other time slot.
I'd like to know myself. I stopped paying 80 bucks a month for cable and I am missing football. The streaming sites I've found run through Europe and are pretty bad quality.
*Not available in the U.S. :(
I know... Dallas is my team! I decided oh well, might as well watch Washington lose, maybe I'll feel better about the Dallas loss
Man, you called that one.
Gotta love the coolcomputersetups monitor!
Hope you were a Raiders fan!
Homerunhd and an antenna. 2 west coast teams on 2 channels. Just a guess.
Awesome set up man :) What monitors are those?
So op likes sitting in the dark all day
Can you let us know what mount(s) you're using for the screens? I love this arrangement.
What monitor are you using on the far right?
How do you use coolcomputersetups night mode?
It's an option under Coolcomputersetups Enhancement Suite.
It's a feature of an extension called Coolcomputersetups Enhancement Suite.
I want to ask a question, can you easily configure the right monitor to switch between portrait and landscape with not much fuss? like when I wanna use it to look up walkthrough videos i use it in landscape and then later when i'm trying to code i use it in portrait
Right click on an empty space on your desktop, click "Screen resolution", click the dropdown menu beside "Orientation" and select "Portrait". Easy as that :) do the exact same thing to turn it back to landscape. Well, don't select portait again :p
I'd guess it could be preferable for if you do a lot of reading or coding. Allows for less scrolling?
Well 3 27 inch screens would be absolutely fucking massive and wider than your FOV depending on distance. Portrait would allow you to have a similar width to 2 27s but almost double height. For gaming portrait is probably preferable (in eyefinity/surround) .
Heh, same monitor setup :P
It looks like that razer snake thing on the bottom of it so idk.

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