Computer Setup


Core i7 3770, gtx 670, 8gb corsair, 256 crucial m4 ssd
I like it! How is the keyboard?
I love it! i started with a full size, but went to this size, and fell in love also with mx blues, my fav keys, very loud, but love the feel of them!
How's the Taipan? I've been thinking about either that or an Imperator...
Love it, for this build i chose the best of the best, i tried the deathaddeer and mamba and other mice from logitech and mad catz, but this one did it for me, all matte black, i love it!!
Do you by chance have a link to that wallpaper?
Speakers? Or are you just a headphone guy/gal?

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New Ultrawide Display 21:9

Perfect for gaming, office work, and programming.