Computer Setup


Is it me or did i see your using overpriced beats pros (AKA tin cans)Everything else is good. I really like that projector setup too.
That keyboard is overpriced too, but to each his own.
My G35 broke two days ago so until I get a new one. It will just have to go :)
Sorry, but I judged you so much when I saw the Beats...
Waiting for a new G35 now, they broke two days ago :/
The headphones are just temporary, my g35 broke. but the R.A.T mouse is actually really good.
I've had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you!
It is a dual pacman wallpaper, but spotify was in the way:) if you meen on the walls, I really don't know.
The wallpaper is glorious.
Yeah, meant the walls, moo fault.
What projector are you using?
What type of HPs are those? I have a ZR2440w.
Awesome thank you. I'm thinking of buying one. How do you like it, is it comfortable?
Is that Tyler the Creator on the laptop? Cool.
Yes, it´s from the song Yonkers.

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