Computer Setup


You can see my house from your house
Haha that's cool man - which building are you? I'm Rocky Mountain Court.
That chair looks ridiculously comfy.
It is quite comfortable and has reclining seat back as well, and it's enjoyed even more for the simple fact that it was free :)
Doing a new build with better management once I finish saving up (sometime in the new year). For now, this is my current stomping grounds.
Welcome to the YYC get used to random weather patterns! Good job with the set up
Whats increase in living cost like in Calgary from where you were before?
Well the rental market here is insane right now so rental/housing costs are definitely higher.
Yeah we got a $20 coupon and paired it with $20 off first order and got $40 of free produce delivered, spent the extra $10 required to get free delivery but yeah, $50 of produce for $10 saved us a trip out this time lol- they only deliver on friday afternoons to our area though which means you're stuck at home for that time.
Dam you for having The Office running, it's too early for me to have a rewatch.
We both love 'The Office' so so much haha. It's always going on in the background when we are doing other things or if we aren't sure what to watch.

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New Ultrawide Display 21:9

Perfect for gaming, office work, and programming.