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As part of my senior engineering project, my team and I were tasked by a sponsor company to design an underwater robot to their specifications (cannot tell you what they are due to NDA). Even after the project ended on campus, a few of us kept working on the robot over the summer with the company which led us to a live testing phase where we needed to do some actual performance tests including tests down to depths not achievable in the pools we were testing in before. Since it was summer, we decided to do our testing at Lake Tahoe. Here is our underwater robot battle-station up at beautiful Lake Tahoe.
Holy hell that's cool.
No, Arizona. We were doing summer vacation up at Tahoe (my family lives in LA) and we thought it would be the perfect place to test the fish (as well as hang out on a boat, drink beer, and enjoy the lake). Best senior project testing ever.
Ah, I too live inside the great oven of AZ
I am loving the weather right now though. All my windows are open and its a beautiful day outside. Probably about 66-68 down here in Tucson. I wish I was living somewhere that got snow again though. Snow was fun.
Ah, boring and smelly Tucson. I am in Phoenix. Right now it is nice. Give it a few months, and I will have a much different answer for you.
I would not consider it boring down here. A lot of new things have been changing downtown and around town. Downtown is great now, lots of new restaurants and things opening up that were not even here 5 years ago when I moved to Tucson. There is the formation of the "innovation district" as well with the new hackerspaces opening, the new art galleries, and the shared work spaces.
Definitely a lot of change. When i have to drive there for work, it is a major pain in the ass trying to navigate.
DUUUUDE computer + water = bad
What kind of engineering are you studying?

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