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I mean sure, why not? It's just putting a custom case on a shelf above your desk.
Hey guys, got a new design concept: Shelf PC Case. It is basically a case with all components arranged lengthwise as a shelf. It supports water cooling and has a front plexi glass see-through display. It has always been sort of a dream of mine to build something like this and after playing with, we think it could become something more. What are your thoughts and opinions about concept of having a shelf PC. Like it, hate it, would you use it?
If you want that link to work you gotta take the [2] out of it, other wise us lazy asshole will have to copy and paste the address, defeating the purpose of a hyperlink.
Wow, that was noob of me haha. OOPS. Thanks for the catch.
Looks like a sweet idea. My recommendation would be to add some small holes in the desk so you don't have to have those 2 long ugly wires(headphones and usb hub).
Yea.. it wasnt. We tried it, but didnt get results that we expected. We thought the smoke would travel through the case, but that didnt happen. You need A LOT OF SMOKE to do that. Oh well, at least I got a buzzzzz lol!
Try a fog machine maybe? I think I have seen that before.
That shelf better be damn secure is all I have to say.
The shelf I have modeled is supposed to hold in the 150 - 180 pound range. Which is certainly orverkill for this case.
I only see one small problem with this, you would need more airflow than is pictured, I would put a large 200mm fan for the walls in the middle rather than a couple 120mm's. You would want to make sure they are solid fans though, that way those GPU's can get the airflow they need. Otherwise it looks great, a fun build!
I'm thinking the rads are going to have to be elevated a little bit so they can actually pull air from under the case.
The rads are actually elevated as you suggested, there is a bottom compartment for airflow.
Yeah, this is what many people do for lans (shelf above desk to save space with all of the PCs in the room). They just do it with upright cases... Just build a PC from literally any case online and turn it on it's side. You are welcome for the geometry lesson. This could be a cool specific project, though.
Did you custom make all of the other models in that visualization in sketchup?
Everything was made in sketchup. I only actually modeled the case. Everything else was imported from PC component repositories. Google warehouse is also a great source for models.
I would consider looking at shelf designs that use concealed or less obnoxious brackets/fixings. Maybe build one length of the bracket into the shelf and the the other running up the wall on either side of the case (instead of down like shown).
If you're able to build a shelf, have you considered building the custom pc inside the table/desk or create a table/desk instead of a shelf? This would save space and look cooler in my opinion.
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