Computer Setup


Why don't you move the PC to the floor? that way you have more space
Yea, I don't get this trend. I see a lot of submissions with the pc on the desk. Is it just for pictures?
Wouldn't it be so that the PSU fan takes in less dust since it would be on a desk rather than the carpet.
I think the best solution would be to take it off the desk and put it on a shelf or something beside the desk. Best of both worlds. Not as much dust as the carpet, more desk space.
Well if you have a big enough desk then there is no problem in it. I love having mine on my desk. Why spend money on a nice case if you hid it under your desk?
I just bought that same case! I love it.
I wasn't impressed until I noticed that space wallpaper, looks g8 m8
Take your pc off the desk. You might knock it down accidentally.
No he won't. I have this case and it weighs ~30 pounds without components.
You have LEDs on your fans so the title is a blatant lie.

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