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It's refreshing seeing the guy with the bitch table for once.
He needs a better chair though, it's just not fair.
Hey hey, I've had 2 years to get what I have, he will eventually gradually upgrade his chair, desk, and monitor. First need to recuperate the cost for the rig. :P
How much did the whole thing cost? if you dont mind me asking.
For him? With monitor + mouse + taxes (Canadian 13%) included came to around 870-900 including $75 MIR. He got the GPU, keyboard and headset all from me at no cost as I owned spares.
Ill have to look into getting one like your brothers. Im living on a college budget but I want to start saving for a BA computer but I dont know much about building pcs.
Did I miss the part where she's dating her brother?
Congrats on having a bf that plays PC :D
Thanks, it was a daunting task. ;) Won't lie in that my "BUT WE CAN PLAY TOGETHERRR" took major part in his deciding to get a PC.
I have you RES Tagged as "Best Girlfriend Ever"
Tagged as "Epic Girlfriend (taken)"
I love the hand written 780ti. Goodstuff
I like your case better, a CM 690II has been my dream casing since forever, I switched to it two years ago, still going strong, especially the bottom filter beneath the PSU, that one has saved me countless hours of PSU dustbusting
Saw the table, saw the sheep, crossed my fingers that you had the bigger setup.
How do you like the 780 lighting? Thinking of picking one up myself as I just got two more monitors for Christmas and only have a 670
It is awesome! I had a 570 (the one bf has now), and the performance boost is over double. I'm not too sure on 670 vs 780, and to be honest I haven't played with overclocking too much (yet), but it is a great card
You are the best girlfriend ever.
Shucks you give me too much credit :p thanks for the flattery though! Just doing GabeN's work :D
B-but where does the awesome Ouran High poster go?
Up above bed. :) Bed used to be where his table now is.
Love that the girlfriend has the better all around gaming setup, its a nice change up
Hey I've got that case.
I am feeling a lack of sheepy on his side of the room.
Nice to see it the other way round (Fortunately with my relationship we were both already gamers.) Far too often we see guys trying to persuade their girlfriends to join the Master Race, so to see the flip side of the coin was a festive joy. Merry Christmas to you both!
Ugh paint that piss yellow wall a different color please.
Obviously judging by the posters!
Lol I gave him my old GPU and a few other things as I had spares, which allowed him to spend extra money on better gear overall :)
Move your gpu to the highest PCI-E slot for the best performance.
It doesn't matter since she only has 1 GPU. The slot still runs at 16x
Oh my is it really that big of a difference? Suppose I will do that tonight then. Thanks!
The difference is still very small.
That's for single player gaming/lower settings/3 year old cards
Bans don't really get lifted often at all, so I'm sure you are.
Well I wouldn't have wanted back anyway, bunch of jerks.
I'm sure you didn't and that's why you asked
I'm not disagreeing, but that link is for a GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 when OP has a GA-Z87X-UD3H.
One of us! One of us!
Where do you see any signs of hentai?
So dose those sheep squeak?

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