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Went to sleep after the LAN concluded, and drank like a tank.
Drank a ton, wasn't a jerk, played games....he definately wasn't that guy, he's a LAN hero.
(Smoke bombs) Smoke bomb!
Yah, I don't drink beer much and that keg had to go, he helped ensure that it did.
There was other things in there, you really couldn't tell that it had ever clear in there, until it hit you.
These are the kinds of friends I wish I had.
I'm in MI so they might be pretty close, and want to be invited next time. heh. I miss LAN gatherings. I don't play LoL but I wouldn't be against buying CS:GO to play with others. Now if they all had BF4, I'd really be okay with that. I mainly play Guild Wars 2 but will do some BF4 only when friends are on.
Almost everyone there had BF4, some how we forgot to all raid a server together.
CS:GO is on sale right now for $3.74. Ends today. Might be worth saving the $11.25 and buying it now.
I used to. one of our friend's had a war room build in his attic that would hold ~15-20 of us. we had lans just about every weekend from 1997-2004ish. friends all started having kids and dude with the war room got divorced and lost the house. no more lans :(
Love the jukebox/voting idea, sounds like you put a shit load of effort into this OP so kudos.
Sorta, I have been doing this for a long time, so longitudinally sure A LOT, but on this instance, just added a bit to something that had worked for a long time.
Yeah this is awesome, Would be even better if it worked queing songs to a spotify playlist! When you say server farm, is the the use of processing power from multipul machines? I would love to know how you setup this.
You just made our next LAN party amazing.
That's actually a fantastic idea. I really love the networked song voting as well as the network setup as a whole. Thanks for sharing!
You deserve some kind of award for keeping those servers running. They are ancient.
Meh the rack mount ones where just thrown in there because I finally got a rack.
What bandwidth do you have coming into your house. I know where I live, my house couldn't support the power requirements of a serious LAN party, let alone the bandwidth.
I have like 10 megs a second down 1 up
Would be awesome if your custom software ("lan/" and "jukebox/") were open source. would love to look into it.
I am thinking about it, but at this time they are very much bound to the environment I have set up in my house. Its not a simple project because I wrote it to scale for a large number of people. It also was written in multiple languages. Even if i don't open source it I will probably give it away to people.
Damn, is there a way to get notifications when a user makes a post? I'm really interested in seeing what you have.
This is like.. dedication on such an awesome level! :) Congrats on ur successful lan party! it really looks awesome! :D
Happy new year as well, Hopefully this one is less shitty for me.
I like how you casually say, "and 1 peasant"
LOL, I posted this in PC master race first, and it got bombarded with questions so I wrote one post to answer the bulk of them.
Looked like some people brought more than just a computer and monitor. Is this normal?
The only people with multiple displays live in the house, so myself and my girlfriend. Every one else may have brought more than just that but only had 2 electrical outlets. The rules also stated exactly what was acceptable to bring.
Was she the one with the Ponies? Cause that would make sense then.
I'm very interested in the software you wrote as well as the networking you had to do. You must have had to manage bandwidth to prevent bottlenecking and keep everyone's games going smoothly. I'm excited thinking about the setup more than the actual party.
Networking is basically star topology.
Judging from your setup, you are either a sys admin, or network admin (or have a few of those hats) as your day job. We smell our own!
Nice. I'm a sys admin myself, but I dabble on the software end (mostly scripting these days). It is good to find a programmer who knows more than their compiler.;)
Where I work we need to know a lot of this stuff. When you start getting to applications that support thousands of simultaneous users you need to understand the infrastructure you are targeting and write code for that not just random shit that gets the job done.
Nice. What kind of applications?
Applications that process massive data sets and present information to thousands of concurrent users at once.
Very cool, I won't ask specifically what application, but thousands of concurrent users at once is rather impressive. Our applications normally don't see more than a thousand concurrent users, so relatively small.
Goddamn man, now THAT is how you run LAN party.
If you live in Washington, want to invite me to your next one??
Michigan, wrong side of the country :)
I'm over in Wisconsin. I think I could drive a few hours to hang out with my new best friend though. :)
South east, near detroit or ann arbor if you are familiar.
Michigander here, just wanted to drop by and say enjoy the cold.
And today's weather, yup, fuck michigan.
If you thought today was bad... Just wait until next week. Also might be in for a snowstorm Sunday/Sunday Night!
Just to add to the pain, I use I-96 for getting to work, and with that closing, FML
Cool, grew up in Wixom, live east of Lansing now.
Cool, many of the people that attended are state students/grads.
Dude I am less than an hour away from you...
Gosh darn it, that looks like a blast!
I would be more then willing to fly from Massachusetts to get in on that. I would die to learn everything I could so I could try and throw half as sweet a party as that!
The guy who flew up from down south learned that a PC doesn't really make a good carry on, and the airliners wont be kind to your computer.
Eh, I've found ways to fly with em before. The real question is how the hell do I become friends with a guy like you?! Seriously me and my fiance have flopped a half dozen parties, nailed another half dozen. I don't think we have any idea what we are doing :/
Would you consider letting us take a peek at your custom software by posting the code on GitHub? Or at least showing some pictures / videos of it in action?
I want a house so I can host something that large :) congrats on your awesome turnout!
I recently bought the house too, the hard wired network isn't complete, had to run some CAT cable on the floor but the ability to fit most of my friends in for a LAN party was something I kept in mind while house hunting.
As a man who bought a home on his own, the whole thing is the man cave.
I'd like to see the switch fabric you used if you installed 10Gig drops. ;)
My wallet waits for the day that I can afford 10g to everything, I put in 1g switches because nothing outside of servers would even support the 10g but the CAT6-a wire and the wall jacks are rated and ready, so is my switching panel, I can get some pictures of that uploaded if you want to see it.
So, you didn't actually run 10g? Or did you just daisy chain switches that had 10g uplinks?
Everytime I go to a LAN party, my computer gets called "the printer." I have been to 3 last year (different groups) and they all come up with the same name.
Definitely looks like a printer.
It is a beast of a case. Holds 3 spinning drives and 2 solid states. keeping 2 bays open for hot swap along with liquid cooling the beasty. 2 gtx 670's :D
The HAF series is excellent, all I have used for years.
I'll never go away from the HAF series. It's just too good. I had the 922, 932, X and finally moving to a horizontal design. I love it by far.
I have used their full tower models in many builds, and recommend it to friends when the build their own computer setups.
Everyone assumes my XB is a stereo so I feel you.
Haha did derrek ever have to cock slap voluntarily
No but we have had to rough some one down and send them packing in a cab lol, first time for everything, we just try and keep the douchebaggery at a low level.
Nah that was at my house warming party some douche we hadn't seen since high school showed up acted the fool, broke some shit (in an empty house) and got sent packing.
I posted it some where else in here, but he got beligerent, started breaking shit in my new house (it was pretty empty, less my computer setup and networking gear) and over all acting like a douche. Poor move on his behalf we pinned him with a gooseneck hold and called a cab paid for it with his credit card and tipped the driver.
Would be cool if you could write down/take a better picture of the LAN rules. I could make out everything else but the LAN Equipment section.
Ah yes, the golden rule of LAN parties: Don't fuck with other peoples shit.
You don't fuck around huh?
No we fuck around a lot, It's just a few things need to not be fucked with so that everything can run smooth. Most of this is common sense but this rule set was given out before people showed up, it has rules and general information on it.
Ya I was thinking a lot was common courtesy. Guess you can't be too careful.
It is but doing stuff like this for so long it doesn't hurt, it makes it smoother for every one, biggest benefit is for the few people who have never been there before, they studies the shit out of that side, the rest flipped it over and saw the game themed drinks.
Aww man, I'd be kinda bummed about the two-outlet/no-power-strip rule. How am I supposed to give up my other two monitors?
Yah, the bigger issue of a LAN at this size is space, monitors dont draw much power, its the computers, when you start taking up space for 3 people though, thats 2 less people that could be gaming with us.
I'm not criticising or anything, I don't have any experience with LAN parties but why all those rules? Are they a bunch of people that you don't know?
There where many people who I don't know like a friend of a friend, as well as some people who I have only gamed with online, but for a long while.
Oh okay, makes sense. Do you lock away valuables as well?
Yes I do, my servers are also in locked racks, and people who bring nas's or other serving equipment get their stuff locked away as well.
This looks like fun! I wish I had enough friends for a LAN party.
When I started reading the rules, I didn't really expect such a corporate mindset. Out of curiosity, do you work in management in an office environment?
Don't work in corporate management, the other point on the rules got down voted to the bottom, but what I said there is when you have people you have never met coming into your home its just easier to lay the ground rules on paper; the regular people know what is up and would enforce those rules, the new people don't have to bug me so I can play games too.
How do you get the drink vouchers?
There was a $10 cost to attend, you were given 4 when you arrived with entrance, as well has a fist full of jello shots and notice where the keg was.
Oh, cool. I was thinking the winners won a voucher.
I like how none of the girls were hideous beasts, and none of the men were enormous fat ogres. Except for that one guy on the floor, but that's okay, I've been there. (Sorry)
See most people can't pick apart my friends personality on face value, Most of us are huge into sports, like played them for many years, where the jocks to some degree in school, but would go home and play video games too; some did the DnD shit but the people there just turned them off.
Very well said. I also game better after exercise... Maybe it's the increased oxygen/blood flow? Endorphins? Feeling good... Etc.
I think it is the oxygen and blood flow, plus it works the nervous energy out of you so you don't get the jitters when you start consuming the caffienes.
THe one thing that I am looking foward to when I go to Uni is actually going to a LAN party, never been or had one but they seem like so much fun
So this is a question to the OP, but also to anyone with knowledge of it.
1) I wrote the software myself, it was designed to work in my house and isn't really portable, nothing existed to meet my needs so I made it, sorry nothing much out there right now.
The way I'd answer 2 and 2 only (having never organised a LAN or tried anything of the sort):
You can also use the "Backup Games" option to backup the files to a location. That will grab some of the files missed normally (i.e. Team Fortress 2 uses its own files, but requires the source engine which is both large and stored elsewhere.)
Why would you not call this Winter Wonder LAN?
Did it end up running smoothly? I would love to see pictures of the LAN in progress too if you have any!
Click view entire album, there are pictures during it.
I forgot that happened on mobile haha thanks a lot!
Looks like a blast! If there's one thing I've learned, it's that being an ├╝ber video gamer does not make you good at beer pong. Watching those matches was probably some of the most entertainment you had, right?
With this group, we had a lot of really solid gamers, all of witch play beer pong every time we get together, its just normal for us to play pong and drink and talk.
Can I get a copy of the rules? :)
Was this in Michigan OP?
Yah, most people can peg us in south east Michigan due to the sports attire people where wearing.
That too, after posting this lan in 3 coolcomputersetupss, I have learned that vernors is not a national thing. I don't even like the stuff, it was for a mixed drink we had on the list.
Is there a gun in the first picture?
That is, indeed, an AR-15 it looks like and some 30 round mags.
Problem really happens when you pick it up, just sorta snaps to peoples heads.
Yes there is, one of my friends who helped set things up had it with him.
The best way to start a LAN party!
First thing I noticed as well. "Those look like p-mags"
Derek has volunteered his dick. Nice.
I spy a Star Citizen, Citizen card in image 60 :) Great LAN by the way> I really want to set something up to this level when I am at Uni.
I may have been an early supporter of the game. Cant wait.
Same here. I am pretty sure I am already addicted to it. God knows what will happen when the dog fighting module comes out. What is your forum user name? I would be up for playing with you when its released.
What package did you pick up?
Err, the 50 or 60 dollar one, I want to buy the constellation so bad but I just bought a house, and I have a problem with spending that much on a product that is not guaranteed to come to market, this is not an investment its a toy.
Dude, I've got a Connie sat in my hangar. Hit me up when the game drops and I'll let you take her for a spin!
I got 3 friends with them as well, now its like I am the odd one out lol.
Comcast, its great when it works and beyond bullshit when it doesn't but like every other US ISP, it is grossly over priced for what you get and that is not much.
I can agree with you on that one. I used to have TWC (Comcast) and we switched to Verizon Fios because of how spotty the connection was. Just waitin' fo dat Google Fiber.
Google fiber is my dream, I would want to get it twice load balance it and run servers in my house.
Doesn't Google fiber not allow you to run dedicated servers from your home?
No idea, but what comcast wants for "Business" internet is for you to bend over and get fucked in the rear, half the speeds, 3x the price, and you have to pay extra for static IP's. And guess what you still dont have upload good enough to host a server on the premise.
Google Fiber does allow you to host dedicated servers. And it is as amazing as you can imagine.
What do you party monthly?
What was your down/up speed during the lan?
Roughly 10/1 (megabytes) a second, it can burst higher but it was sufficient for gaming and gaming only.
Oh ok, so if somebody was to try and download something it would seriously fuck up the network.
Yah, steam can eat 10 megabytes a second and ask for more.
What are your speeds normally, not during a LAN party? And how would the connection fare while playing on a non-internal sever, like on BF4 for instance?
That is my normal connection, and being that I blocked out most sites that are bandwith hungry it was fine.
I had roughly 10 Megabytes a second on download and like 2ish on upload in burst but generally around 1.
Ah, fair enough. I saw some games that I assumed had to be online but I must've been mistaken.
Yah that is my gaming setup, I posted it on here after I finished up I need to re post it since buying a new home and it has a slightly different configuration.
Damn. That is one sexy setup you guys have.
Yah I posted this one over many sub coolcomputersetupss to see who had the most interest in it and to what extent, I will have another post in April.
Seems like you are in Michigan with all the clothing i have seen. The post office must have lost my invitation because i am sure i was invited to this event because i too live in Michigan.
Can I ask why they couldn't download to steam ? Was it to keep internet traffic down?
Yah, wont be an issue next time I am going to put a steam caching server in my house so people will be updating from the internal network.
Quake better have been played during that event.
We planned on it, and it was forgotten, even set up a q3 server locally.
How long did this last? Looks incredible.
It was like 18 hours planned for 24, but people pass out.
Too bad I don't have any pc master race friends :(
I used to have the same headset as the guy in picture#48. It was completely and utterly shit. The ear pads were as solid as rocks, and too small, for my ears at least, so that they were so uncomfortable I couldn't wear them for more than twenty minutes. Since they were so small, they didn't cover my ears, but rest on them. This didn't allow the sound to travel properly and I ended up missing a lot out of what people were saying in videos and through Mumble.
How did you organise the games, did everyone coming have to own CSGO?
Is that a loaded AR mag I see?? <3
Ah damn that looks like so much fun. No one LANs where I live. I'll even work the bar at the LAN I just want to go to one!
This looks like a bitchin' time. Jealous!
Could I get a copy of your drink menu? Thanks!
Hey im in macomb michigan. Kinda close I guess. Looks like a lot of fun. Did you play LoL against each other?
Do you mind filling me in a little on your jukebox program? Language, hardware, network implementation, overall idea? I've always wanted to create something like this but never knew where to start. Thanks!
It is written with java php javascript and a few other trace languages. It is designed to be platform independent for the player and linux for the web server.
I will cock slap you like the MPAA for using BT. -Derek
Looks like such a blast!
As somebody who doesn't have too many friends, how does a lan party work?
Gotta love the AR sitting on the table in the first pic
Is that a ar-15 on the table to the left in the first picture?

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