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Just bought the fractal design define r4 but I really like this case. I think I might consider using it for my next build.
Is that the one that was on display at ces, with the hinged, removable, full window side panel?
Yes! They were displayed in their CES booth, it looks absolutely beautiful.
It looked really awesome. But I don't know if being able to see the entire inside is going to look that great. Maybe its just my crappy cable management. :P
Oh yeah, cool. This ones a nice case, bigger than I thought. But nice
Sheath those monitor cables mate. What lamp is that?
Yep, planning on it. Just haven't gotten around to it. And honestly I don't know about the lamp. Doesn't have a name on it, and I got it from my dads work a long time ago. Fun fact though; this lamp was on DKs desk in Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift! lol

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