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Oh god, i'm actually most jealous of the chair. I'm at university and have an atrocious desk, shitty wooden chair (not allowed to bring in extra furniture) which ruin my whole "gaming setup" if i could ever call it that
My girlfriend actually got it for my birthday, 2 days ago, used for really cheap! check craigslist or a second hand store near you, you'd be surprised how much staples can rip you off
Oh i want to, only issue is school and home are 3 hours away from each other, so everything large i buy in either city i have to decide if it's worth it/possible to bring back. So i might very well end up waiting another year or two before getting a nice chair lol.
What chair is that? Looks comfy
You got this, dude. Stay focused, eye on the prize.

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New Ultrawide Display 21:9

Perfect for gaming, office work, and programming.