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Mac computer setup up close now my PB G4 has arrived.
What're you using the PowerBook for? Still have some PPC software you run?
I've got a load of Macs in my room :D . I have 11 Macs in total LOL. This is just my main desk area though. Machines I have are...
Ah, a fellow collector! Nice collection you've got there! Mine's not nearly as impressive, though I'm hoping to move somewhere in the next few years that will allow me to start snatching up old throwaways again.
Yeah, love collecting. It really does become a conversation piece when people first see my room :D
Cheers, Fatman iTube pretty nice sound :)
So I've heard. What kind of speakers are you running?
Just the standard speakers it came with for the mean time, I am going to upgrade eventually.
Holy shit, lots of downvotes, this is better than a lot of highly bookmarkd stations ive seen on here.
I know! But sadly Macs don't get to much love in this coolcomputersetups :(
I'm guessing the reason for that is because I use Macintosh? :( so many people for whatever reason tend to dislike Macs :(
Whats that laptop in the corner on the shelf, and why does it look like its running ios7?
Ahh thats my 13'' MacBook Pro. Might look a bit different since its currently in a black hardened plastic shell for use around university.
Nice, thanks for answering my question.
Presumably the clock works? Got a link?
That's a good setup for a Mac fan. People who criticize have riced out mid-towers and anime posters.
I guess the style I'm alway trying to strive towards is mid-century. Got a few classic car and Bob Dylan posters on the wall and that does me just fine LOL.
I really like the setup, OP. It looks very functional and not too basic. Sorry you're getting so much biased downvoting from the Mac haters. Thanks for sharing!
Thank for the kind words. I've used Mac many for years and it suites me just fine for my photography, video editing and my university work. iv had nothing but trouble with Windows machines. I had a windows laptop in 2006 it lasted 13.5 months before motherboard died, acer didn't wanna know. That was the last windows machine I owned.
I love both Mac and PC. I don't get all the blind hate against Macs. It's a preference like anything else. You're not settling for less by deciding to have Mac over PC. If it suits your needs, then by all means it's your prerogative. It's no less capable a machine. It's marketed toward a different user base/demographic anyway. PC'ists need to calm the fuck down.
Yeah, my iMac is very capable for what I do. It has a 2.5Ghz Quad, 32GB RAM, and a Thunderbolt SSD so it flies when video editing in final cut and photo editing in Aperture
Do I spy an older, monochrome 4th gen iPod?
Yeah it is, it took me a while, but I managed to source a brand new front and rear case for it to its like brand new now with not a single mark on it
Where'd you manage to find those parts at?
It took a while, I know I got the back off ebay and the front came from an iPod parts website I google searched can't remember the name apologies.
Oh it's cool, I was just curious.
That imac is so sexy
Do your speakers double as a sex toy?
Umm, there just Harmon Kardon soundsticks. They are a design classic featuring in the manhattan museum of modern Art and designed in collaboration with Apple. For the price they are the best speakers I've owned.

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