Computer Setup


There's another gold Dalek that guards the other end of the desk too, but it's hidden behind the Wacom in that photo. :O
What's the program on the right screen?
It's all part of Toon Boom Harmony. The windows on the right are the Network View (top) and Module Library Tool Properties (bottom). Basically each square on that screen represents a character or an effect attached that character. :)
What kind of Wacom Tablet is that?
It's a Cintiq 12WX. I've had it for a couple of years though, and they've since replaced it with a 13-inch version I believe.
How do you like that Wacom with the screen?
I really like it, but my house mate has the 24" version, so I try not to think about that too much!
Damn...I hadn't seen that 24" model. It makes 3 grand seem like a good deal....somehow.
Which colors are correct? The wacom or the monitor? Or are they just different because of the camera or something?
The Wacom is a little darker for sure, and I think the angle of the photo kind of makes it look worse. But anyway, I go by the main screen which is why there's another copy of the same shot up there. I do the drawing and movement on the Wacom and then colour correct on the main screen. The portrait one on the right is old and shitty, which is why it only gets the technical stuff (and Facebook.) :)
I have a hard time using Toon Boom quickly with any more than one screen. I'm so use to taking advantage of the 'focus on mouse enter' option. I had the same Cintiq, but man, it's way too small. I still with an older 21" Cintiq instead now and a second monitor just for reference material.
Why the shit do you have your keyboard in front of your tablet how do you even draw like that
At least for me I'd have to do CTRL + Z (undo) when I drew on my Create tablet.
I have the tablet on my lap for drawing. I just stash it up there when I'm not using it. :)
The little dalek really brings the whole thing together!

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