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Thanks for the link!
Sadly it looks horrible on my monitor since I can't use bezel correction, but c'est la vie!
What kind on monitor stand is that? I've been looking for something similar.
Perfect! It's even in Canada. Thanks.
No worries, fellow Canuck!
Yikes... $137. :-/ I found one on Amazon with great reviews for $55.
Yeah it was really expensive, I understand why people make custom mounts now, but it's super sturdy so it should last me years to come!
How do you connect your monitors? through HDMI?
Left monitor is HDMI, right monitor is DVI
Do you play games? Do you play on both screens or just one? If so, which one?
Sadly I didn't think it through when buying a second monitor that I should also pick up a third, so no EyeFinity for me. I game on the left monitor (plugged into HDMI) and just leave the other open for mining, facebook, movies.
I was wondering how gaming would work. The direct center of the game is pretty important and that plus the edges of the monitors would be tough.
Yeah it's a bit of a let down, but my next build will hopefully add a third monitor so it should be ok!
What is that mouse and what is it like? i've seen people say it's good but i dont know what all the parts are for
Yup, Mad Catz R.A.T. 5. It's a really cool mouse, I'm sure theres much better ones out there, but I've always liked the look and never had a problem
Rofl were you mining bitcoins

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