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Looks like a refrigerator. I can dig it.
It's the fractal define r4 haha. sure does look like one but the silence is golden
Got the same case. So good for cable management.
Oooh, nice setup. What do you use the two mice for?, and how do you like the keyboard? It's on my list of 'things I'd buy if I actually had money'.* I've loved every other Logitech peripheral I've ever owned and I've been using the G-15 for a long time now, so one day I might actually drop the cash on it.
Hiya. I use the g400 for general use such as casual indie games and browsing. I use the g600 for MMOs and such. The keyboard is really great. It came with O-rings in the keycaps which kinda took away the mechanical feel. I just removed them and they feel really tactile and nice. You should goto your local electronics store and see if they can let you try it.
Ahhk, cool. I'll ask if I see one but where I live we don't get particularly friendly electronics stores. It's a shame but it probably saves my wallet a fortune. I tend to get spend happy much to quickly once I finally get my hands on a toy. Thanks!
Can you describe the surface texture of that mousepad please.

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