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Thanks. I tried to make it look as nice as I could.
I really really love the fact that you can have different back-light colors. Do you do this with multiple LED strips or one that changes? Will you please link yours to me? Id love to add something like that to my gaming setup. :D
Can you somehow connect this to the monitors and make it reflect what's displayed there? Something like Philips' Ambilight? I think that would be awesome.
Oh man I could never have that setup. As awesome as it looks, I would always be way to paranoid that the computer would fall down and crush me to death.
Oh, well thanks, I think.
That image is designed atrociously. Really... had a hard time reading it. The phrasing is really eager too.
I appreciate your feedback, but what I appreciate more is ways people think I can improve my work. I don't understand what made you have such a hard time in reading it.
It was perfectly fine for me. I think that guy is just really, really picky.
He is and maybe that's what I needed. There's not harm done, if anything he has made me wish I spent a lot more time doing it. But this wasn't to show my Photoshop "skill", it was just to show you my setup.
Haha, I'm not sure. None that I know of. It's fine, hate doesn't bother me.
It wasn't needed. Your setup looks a lot better than his, which is more important. That being said, I had no issue with your image.
Thank you! I appreciate that.
You do realize there's no competition here right?
One coolcomputersetupsor can tell another that their presentation skills suck (and it's the highest rated comment), but it's not okay to have an opinion on the actual gaming setup setup? How lame.
Thank you for your comment. I haven't used Segoe UI once in the entire picture. The other one is called Caviar Dreams and I like it but I appreciate your opinion. The rest is pretty true. Apart from the "'threw this together in Photoshop in 3 minutes'". It took me around 10-15.
Haha, yeah, I suppose you're right. Thanks for the comment.
Seriously, what's that guy's deal?
Must be an English major.
^ This guy gets it :)
Yeah, 3 or 15. Same thing. As a web designer alignment issues bug me more than they should :P
Shame it isn't graphics design class. It seems like you would be quite the teacher. Anyway, thank you. I appreciate all of your comments.
No problem. How's the AT2020?
It's great! I have gone through the Blue Snowball & Yeti, the Samson C01U and the 2020. Out of all of them, the AT2020 is my favorite. It looks the best and the quality is great.
How is it compared to Snowball?
The Snowball sucks compared to the AT2020. Sorry to say it but it really does.
What do you use it for? I love peripherals, mine are worth around $1000.
Skype, TeamSpeak and Mumble. I don't do anything even close to professional with it but I just like knowing I sound decent.
My best friend is a graphic designer...
Let's see your setup, his presentation was great & clean. Why are you being so critical?
Good point. Give me ten minutes.
That's a lot worse than OP's image.
Youuu. I like you csm725.
Hey, I was just wondering what is producing the lighting. Also, I have seen a couple different set ups with lighting set up like this and was wondering if there is any practical use for this or is it just for the visual the lights create.
LED strip lights are used and they are just for aesthetics.
Thanks, it looks cool. I always wondered if people did it to protect their vision. I read somewhere that said something along the lines of it being bad to look at a bright screen in a dark room. The article then went on to say that if you put a light source behind your screen it helps lessen the negative effects. Anyways, I have always wondered if people put these lights on the back of their computers just for it to look better or for health reasons.
That could also be the reason.
Also, it could add to the immersion of the game. I wonder if you can use that technique that the TV's use on the LED's behind the computer.
Yeah, I've seen those, they look cool.
Quite a nice presentation but the kerning is horrible. Probably because the font(s) was/were not designed for all caps?
You might be surprised to hear that the sentences in all capitals are typed with font which only use caps.
Good stuff, a new chair prehaps ?
Yeah, I am only using this one for a week until I get a new one. My old one's back fell off around 4 days ago and I am waiting for a new to arrive.
What chair did you buy ?
Just a chair from Ikea. It's called a "MARKUS Swivel chair, black Robust black".
I have the same chair :D
That's awesome. Good to know. I spent around 2 minutes sitting in it in Ikea but I wasn't sure about long term so your comment helps a lot.
Lift up your wifi antennas. When they are like yours they broadcast straight up and down, left and right. If that is by intention, then its all good :)
Not by intention but doesn't matter all the same since I am wired. The WiFi is just for my phone, tablet or a laptop but sure, I suppose I could put them up. Thanks for the comment.
Quite the graphic designer in my eyes.
Thank you. I am studying Interactive Media in college which involves a lot of graphic design.
It's in Wales, UK. I would rather not say.
Love this gaming setup! Probably my favorite!
Thank you! That means a lot.
It's a very, very good case. I haven't seen one that even compares to the build quality and space of the R4.
You saved the last for best. The picture of the N64 console box on your shelf.
Yeah, I have that setup in my bedroom. Thanks for your comment.
Very nice. It's an amazing case and I haven't found a flaw in it since. My PC is close to silent and that's without water cooling so yours should barely make a sound.
Does that case give the GPU plenty of room? I recently bought an R9 280x and it was so long that it didn't fit in my (older) case. I had to remove part of the HD cage to accommodate the card's length.
It has tons of space.
How do you do your LED setup? Is it run by the PC or is it seperate?
It's run separately. I have 4 encased LED light strips all powered with one plug and a few connectors.
Any close up pics of that and what you're using? I'm looking to do something like this with my setup also
Holy tits. I need this. Let's see if it's in the US
How do you feel about the RAT7?
I have most of the Razer mice. I love this RAT 7 and I don't see me replacing it any time soon.
How do you do that LED lighting? I really want to set up my own but I cant the product to start with.
How do you like that case?
I love it. I couldn't recommend it enough.
A lot of LG 27s on here lately. are these better than the glossy Dell 27s at the same price point? seemed like the Dells have better image quality comparing them side to side at best buy. or is it just because the LG is a Matte screen and the Dell is glossy?
Yes, I much prefer matte monitors.
What do you use your PC for? We have essentially the same internal specs, so I'm curious.
Gaming, video/image editing and sometimes 3D design.
Nice station, really neat. Seeing the mic, I wonder, do you by any chance stream?
Thank you. I don't but I might one day. I have thought about it, I just don't have the time.
What is that mic setup used for then?
Seems a little overkill, but I am a fan of overkill
I like having a good microphone.
That's a sweet adjustable mic stand, got a link too it?
Audio-Technica AT2020 ? How do you like it, i was thinking of purchasing one for myself.
Very good microphone, takes some setting changes to make it perfect but I really like it. It's an incredibly sensitive microphone so take that into consideration.
Where did you get the desk?
Super clean man from the adventure time artwork to the ambience lighting i love your setup! Very curious about you're mic stand coughcough
Got the same case just with side panel window- love it :)
Does the mic light up on its own or is that something you've done to it? Also which mic stand and shock mount are you using?
I really liked the way you shared that picture, like the format or whatever. Mind sharing how you did this?
It's a spare chair I am using whilst I wait my my new one to arrive since my old one broke.
Hey Badoomtch, new this was yours as soon as I saw it. Did you join in with Blue on his stream?
I didn't, I did mean to I'm not sure why I never ended up doing it.
Did you hear about his channel?
I did, that really sucks, but a nice fresh start might be good.
Yeah I think quite a few people had that with RPM, you got bf4?
I do! I am "Thebadoomtch" on Origin.
I have the same chair, lol. Mine is like 2 years old though and feels like sitting on a piece of wood, I really need a new one :/
My new one comes in 3 days!
Your messy desk is cleaner than my clean desk :/
I see this all the time here, but have never asked. Why the mike setup - is this just for in-game chat... or do you do voice overs or something, or sing?
It's just for Skype and in game chat, yes. The case is very quiet. I only use one of the two included fans because I don't need two, my PC stays cool all the time anyway.
Sorry to say this then clearly you don't know much about audio quality. I like having a good microphone.
Really well done post! beautiful station.
Awesome set up - but lose the body spray ;)
Haha, christmas shower sets from distant relatives. I had a lot of them.
Come on, give us the link to your YouTube channel. Anyone with the 2020 must make videos.
What lights are you using for that cool black light?
How long have you had your rat 7? I've had mine less than 6 months and just recently the damn thing decided to not track anymore.. I should not have ignore all the reviews on amazon. That's my own damn fault.
Over a year and mine's fine. Sorry to hear that.
Alright THIS is how I'm going to post my gaming setup....though with a series of panoramic pictures since it won't make sense otherwise....
Is that a USB 2020 or is it the 3.0 version?
Where did you get the LEDs
Where are those Adventure Time art pieces from?
Everyone else is asking about the electronics and such, and that's cool, I really dig the set-up but Im actually interested in where you got that screen that covers what I think is a window. That would change all my views on a window facing computer setup.
Image design is not your thing! Lol
Can I ask the name and purpose of the goofy bars on the microphone? I see this all the time and don't understand it's purpose.
Audio guy here! I'm assuming by "goofy bars", you're referring to the part surrounding the mic itself. This is what we call a Shock Mount. The purpose of it is to limit noise that the mic will pick up if the desk or stand is bumped.
Thank you very much!!! That makes a lot of sense. I've been debating buying a condenser mic for my computer, but didn't know what all hardware would be necessary and see all this fancy shit all over this coolcomputersetups.
For just buying a mic to use casually on your pc, not really! OP actually has the same microphone that i recommend to everyone who asks me about USB condenser mics. It's called an AudioTechnica AT2020, and its my favorite option for around 100 bucks (though if you can get a Blue Yeti for cheap, that's a great mic too!) The stands that come with the mics are fine if you're going to be just speaking into them while not doing anything else, but for people like me who would use for communicating with friends while gaming, my mechanical keyboard tends to pound the desk pretty hard, which in turn gets picked up by the mic through the mic stand itself.
I am glad someone shares my mechanical keyboard vibration pain too!
Hahaha yup! I have essentially the same keyboard as you, just the "stealth edition", which really just means brown switches instead of the blues that yours has. Less clicky, but still loud lol
I like the clicky sound. I had a go at the stealth edition and the regular edition and just loved the sound but they are all loud.
Yeah, looking back, i wish i had gotten the blues as well. I got the "stealth edition" because i didn't do my research and thought it would be quieter, because i had a room mate at the time and didn't want to bug him.
Oh right. The sound of a mechanical keyboard is like music to my ears!
Is there a way to put an audio gate (don't pickup sounds under a certain volume) on the Blue Yeti? Better yet software to improve the default windows USB drivers?
I couldn't recommend a pop shield more. I suppose whether you want a microphone arm or just a stand is personal preference. A shock mount isn't necessary, I just wanted one. Microphones are a hard one. It's nearly just down to preference but some microphone just suck no matter the price. I really like the Samson C01U and the Audio Technica 2020.
Awesome, I'll look into all of this. Thank you both very much!
Couldn't have said it better myself!
Those goofy bars are what is part of a shock mount which stops desk or other vibrations feeding into the microphone.
I assume you're not a fan of Razer's headsets?
Well, given that "gaming audio" is overpriced and borderline awful, no.
Right, so it's not the sound quality you dislike, it's the price. I would totally agree. I won this headset, I used to have the Razer Tiamat 7.1 but they broke so if it wasn't for my win then I would have probably bought something by Sennheiser.
Obviously I don't appreciate sound quality as much you seem to, but are they really "borderline awful" or do you just know of better for the price. I don't just take sound quality in to consideration. I enjoy the aesthetics. The comfort is probably higher priority than anything since I am wearing them for close to 12 hours a day. They are some of the comfiest things I have put on my head. Is there anything you would recommend? Price doesn't matter too much, I play FPS a fair bit and I enjoy being able to hear the opponent, so something with that level of sound would be nice.
Haha, wow. So by me saying "price doesn't matter too much" I didn't mean I wanted a headset that cost more than my PC but the advice is appreciated.
Glad to be of assistance. There are loads of headphones that look and feel amazing, without sounding bad. (Such as Sennheiser HD598 & HD600, Beyerdynamic DT880/DT990, AKG Q701/K612)
I like the AKG Q701 and the Beyerdynamic DT990. Those are in a much better price range. Thank you!
What do you use for the time on the desktop in the upper right?
It's called Rainmeter. You can get loads of cool widgets on your desktop. I use a minimal theme. You can get ones that are much more over the top.
If you're asking who did it then that would be me.
I was more asking if thats what you do or study.
Kind of. I study Interactive Media, so it's a range of stuff including graphics, movie editing and a little bit of web-design.
Same here. You wouldn't happen to go to Simon Fraser would you?
I wouldn't I've never heard of Simon Fraser. If it isn't in the UK then that would be why.
Aha fair enough it's in Canada so that makes sense.
Naww, you even made a little infomercial, how cute
Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not but no problem either way.

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