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Thanks, I'll definitely check that out
Thanks. I figured for my return to PC gaming it had to be go big or go home.
I just made My first real gaming rig, it's not crazy but I live it
Lol, thanks. I saw that as soon as I hit post.
Only one word can describe this. Damn.
So much has changed in the last 8 years, it's incredible.
It really has. When I decided to build a computer a few months ago I started lurking on r/buildapc. I was amazed at how much I had missed out on since high school.
When you left PC gaming, Steam was not well liked and pretty unstable. Now it's a staple and Origin is the target of people's dislike. In both cases it was and is deserved though.
What made you leave/return? Curious cuz I'm in the midst of a comeback myself
I joined the military, so I got moved around a lot, especially for the first year. I figured it would be too much trouble to drag around a PC. Also, when I wasn't deployed I was always working long hours or doing training, so I didn't have much time either.
Woah! I guess this is a reward well deserved!
I have that same case. Very nice.
I love the case. Very clean and simple.
I think you've made a damn strong comeback!

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