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I'll lan till the day I die.. Die hard for the past 12 years, I'm 28 now. Yes the lans keep getting better, becasue we have big boy money now, and can afford nicer things!
Exactly!! Each LAN we each have something new to show off which was definitely not the case when we were 16. We were actually just reminiscing about how our first LCD monitors were 4:3, about 17", and a solid $350... God I love the future.
I remember lugging my 20' CRT to lans =(. And a full sized tower.. kids now a days with their shuttles or laptop gaming pcs! They'll never know the awkward struggle that was being seen carrying computers into a lan center/building/home.
What does your age have anything to do with it? Fun is fun.
And the camera keeps getting potato!
It's hard taking decent pictures when the only light is keyboards, mice and monitors. With that said, I love LAN parties and this looks like a blast.
It's been absolutely awesome. They're not quite what they used to be (high school era) but we do our best to get the 3 of us together every few months for a night of gaming, movies, and drinking. Good stuff!

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