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It looks kind of like glados but it isn't trying to kill you... yet.
I read the Barni's comment as fapmaster 4000, and then yours as fapmaster 4000, and then I thought the joke was that you repeated exactly what he said. I'm dumb.
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You made my night bud. <3
I actually considered something like this to be able to move my monitors off my desk when I needed to write.. but expensive.
Very expensive, but I found this one as an "open box" special for $300. I don't think I could justify paying full price for one.
What is the full price?
I've got two. Why not?
Too bad you don't have enough kidneys for 3D surround gaming.
Love me some open box, nice grab!
I just have a small Ergotron/HP co-branded one which I picked up for AUD$199 (It seems it's USD$99 in the USA)
This is a solid deal. It's the same arm as the Ergotron LX, except that it's got a plain black painted finish rather than the fancy polished metal of the LX, and it's about 30% cheaper.
You know there is such a thing as articulating arms that are specifically designed for mounting computer monitors.
Not that provide this much range of motion. If you can find one that does for less than $300, I would surely love to see it.
This is true, still pretty expensive though!
I paid less than $100 for mine, as long as you only want to float one monitor of around 24" or less, that's all you need to spend. You can spend a lot more, if you want something that looks really awesome and supports multiple large screens... :D
That's actually not too bad, I have 3 monitors though! It would be nice for accessibility but I can't quite fund it right now.
The one I bought was really cheap:
Whoa buddy, that's not a dollar sign. I dont know what you're trying to pull here.
I want one hanging over my couch so I can do gaming/watching movies on my TV, but when it's time for browsing I can just pull that sucker down over the shoulder. It would be even more awesome if you could mod it for three monitors. Shit would feel so sci-fi.
That would be sick, one of these days..
It's times like this I wish I'd become an kickass engineer instead.
I know right? One day I'll be living in the house of the future.
Dat case... You fit a massive amount of big components in such a small enclosure. Respect. What does the arduino do?
I2C, it says "oy, whots thar" and the two i2c temp monitors relpy, with temps, it does this like 10 billion times a second way exceeding what I need it to do... and it varies the speed of that external heatsink fan.... I added tow orange and two blue LEDs to the mess, so that as the micro reads from its min to its max itll go from blue to orange, to make the computer look like its working itself molten hot. Oh those insane power modules also run warm when idle so the micro tells it when to back the fuck off :)
The fact that you've wired up an Arduino in there has made you my hero. Loving the audio gear also.
HAH! Thanks! Though it is rather... overkill..ey...
I think you might just be the coolest flippin guy evar.
Thanks! The case mod was #1 on buildapc for a little bit, it was pretty cool.
As a (I assume fellow) electrical engineer, I highly approve. I love the Dremel drill press. You have a pretty nice set up. I recently moved to a smaller apartment and had to sell my work bench that I made. This has inspired me to think about making a smaller work station. Where did you get the Techtronix? Ebay? Same with the power supply, is it an HP? It's sad that my office doesn't have as nice of equipment as you do... guess that what I get for working in an optics lab.
Many many university lab reloactions reallocations close outs and shut downs during my teenage years. Also a hefty dose of "right place right time". I value them heavily :)
True, if you're doing all digital work, then a 5 or 3.3 supply would be enough (nor would you need all that horse power). I do a lot of analog stuff, so having a supply that can go up to 12 or 24V is pretty useful (the optics lab I work at does a lot of high power LEDs, so having odd voltages is pretty useful when I get to bring home the failed units). Any tips on finding out about lab relocations? Did you work in the labs, or did you hear about them on campus?
Any reason you didn't mount it on the wall or something, instead of that board?
I thought about it, but without completely rearranging my office, it would not have been possible because it would cut off the path to get behind the desk. Plus, with it mounted in this location, I can make the most of its range of motion. I also don't mind the look of the board. I am the only one ever in my office and I put more importance on functionality than on appearance.
OK, I know you don't mind the look of the board, and I really don't mind it much either, but, you could paint it to match the matte-white-metalic look of the arm and it would look better. Just a thought.
That has been at or near the top of my list for my dream computer setup. How much do those things cost (new or used), and how easy would it be to adapt one to support 2 screens? Also, where does one get those?
They vary in price from $600 an up. This one is usually around $900. It just depends on how much weight it has to support. I searched for a very long time to find this one at price I was willing to pay.
Ugh. thats expensive. I'd rather design and build my own for that price.
Reminds me of the chairs in Wall-E.
What a magical place to be! If only I had no friends and had a robotic alternate personality.
Made me laugh. Uptoke for you!
I am intrigued. Can we get some more pics of the arm? I would love to see how the screen mounts to it.
Not judging, but is that a spitter?
Damn good eye. Yes, yes it is.
What are you two referring to?
That little empty-ish looking bottle on his desk. It has dip spit in it.
The bottle of tobacco juices on his desk I imagine
I think you might have just won the "Epic odd-ball"
You cannot tell from the picture, but the chair reclines quite a bit. I also have a foot stool there. So when I settle in for a few hours of gaming or browsing Coolcomputersetups, I just put my feet up, kick back, and am in complete comfort. It could possibly even be better if I had a zero gravity chair to really get horizontal, but that can wait until I have more disposable income.
This is my dream. At the moment all I have is a reclining chair, a trashcan to put my feet up upon and a tilting screen. Ultimate comfort is the biggest priority!
I rest my feet on my sub then i play a loud movie (Such as lotr) and get a foot massage.
I wish I could do this, but the cable for my subwoofer is too short to position it by my feet :(
Wow pure genius! where did you get this? what is it called exactly?
I've been trying to track some of these down. Not enough medical companies going under thou, so they tend to be expensive still.
Does the yaw and tilt stay put or do you get some float?
You can literally just put the monitor in any possible position you want in roughly a 12 foot circle. Completely adjustable. You move the monitor and it stays where you put it. I love the lamp too. A gift from the GF.
Awesome setup! Question, is that a true innovations managers chair? I've been contemplating picking one up but could not find ANY reviews online
Not sure what the chair is called. I got it at office depot. It is VERY comfortable. I can tell you the model tomorrow.
Oh, you son of a bitch. You stole this from my dreams.
Are those Taco Bell napkins on your desk ?
Nope. Just an old rag that I sit drinks on.
As a Taco Bell employee, that DOES look like our napkins...
My God. It's full of stars!
I absolutely love that it is bolted to a 2*4 on the side of your desk. That is awesome
Now if you had one that kept a flesh light in place you would never get up..... The possibilities.
In addition to the lab coat, this would help out with legitimizing my research.
I think your ottoman is an office chair with the arms and back part missing.
You would be correct. Works perfectly. I removed the back and arms the day I got my new chair.
Good good.. now turn it into an eyefinity setup and you will win the internet
Dear god it looks like a dentist chair
It would look better if you got some decent wood instead of a construction 2x4, or stain, or cover it with a tube or anything to make it not look like a bare 2x4
I see the old office chair found new life as a zombie ottoman.
My last dentist had this, as should all.
Do you ever put the floating monitor above or beside the regular monitor? Gotta love the dual monitor setup either way.
I put the monitors side by side quite often when it is helpful. Most of them time I am gaming or surfing though, and it stays in the overhead position.
I need to have this or some other type of mount like that for my room. My monitor takes up too much space on my desk.
"Is it safe?.. Is it safe?!"
That looks comfortable as Fuck
It is. I just melt into it and can be in this position for hours with no issues.
How much does that Medical Arm punch your wallet?
It doesn't look too sturdy, but it is a really cool idea albeit expensive.
It is extremely sturdy. It is important to attach it to something that is also very sturdy.
Ah the transitive property of sturdiness
I meant to say the wood plank at the base doesn't look like it can support it, but then again I've never used one of these and I have no idea how much they weigh.
You would be surprised how much a 2x6 plank can support. It is more than enough to support this arm and monitor.
That must be a pain in the neck.
Used to have that same chair. The hydraulic on it broke, so I gave it to a friend.

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