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You're living in a prison cell?
I don't know why but your room looks like you're living in a correctional facility.
It's the beige tile floor and the flat, steel framed bed.
And the concete walls and that it's small and square I guess
Which computer desk is that? i recognize the tv stand from Ikea. can't seem to find that computer desk model.
All i know is that it's from Ikea, bought almost exactly a year ago.
You can get new iPhone screens on eBay for about €30, they're not too hard to replace.
Yeah i did that once before but seeing as im getting a new one soon it's not worth it.
How do you like your Astro A40's? I've been thinking about getting a set, but not sure.
I love them, it's my second pair (first got stolen) and i dont have any problems with them at all, great sound, really comfortable and great mic.
Dude... stop smashing your things! thats not a solution!
That Enter key would bug the shit outta me lol
Why? I don't get it. :(
Those of us in america generally have single row enter keys.
Oh, didn't know that. thank you!
I think the room looks really good! Clean, simple, perfect.
Love it. Bed, gaming setup, tv, all I need.

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