Good Monitor - Computer Setup


✔ Three screens
✔ TV above screens
✔ Sweet rig
✔ Clean
✔ Proper desk
✔ Same lamp as me
I still don't understand tv above screens
It just looks nice. I'm doing it too.
Most married men would never get away with this.
It's a good thing I'm 18.
Enjoy it while it lasts – not just the screens, either.
Marriages are bad in the UK too? Shit.
Not trying to imply that things get worse at all, just that things undeniably change quite considerably after 18 for a lot of people – having to begin to fully support themselves financially, for one.
I'm just messing, I getcha :)
Yes, because of all the mother-in-law jokes.
I got away with eyeinfinity 3x24s in my LIVING ROOM. My wife is awesome though.
I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.
Yeah. I have three but I keep thinking "If I go more my wife will kill me" even if it is n my own office.
Nah man never put a TV in the bedroom. The bed is for you and your lady to be close together, cuddling, sexing, whatever. Bedroom TVs kill intimacy.
Don't ever do that. Don't you ever put one in the bedroom.
I think I know why, but what's your reasoning?
Several reasons. They are all just opinion and suggestions. Keep that in mind.
On falling asleep easier. I actually falling asleep the best when my wife is watching TV on the couch and I lay on her.
Even better than a good romp and relax? Because thats what does it best for me ha
See the sexy time distraction seems like such an excuse to not watch Netflix in bed. I'm sorry. If I'm trying to have sex TV being on isn't going to stop me.
For some people it is a barrier. Nothing should come between a couple and their sex. EVERY. No matter how long they have been together. Should be having old hot wrinkly sex 50 years in. Makes the world go round. If it wasn't for non-perfect birth control and STD's this world would be a MUCH better place. MUCH better.
I don't know about his but I want to Play PS3 while my wife is reading.
I have 8 screens, my girlfriend calls it "obscene".
You tell your wife to deal with it.
Not true. My wife would want her own as well!
I'm getting away with 5 and a TV. Bought it before the wedding, and she's super chill and just thinks it's ridiculous and funny.
Ill do whatever i want thank you! if she lets me
I don't understand the need for several screens. If you're working on the computer, it's great, that I know, but for gaming? I'd be annoyed endlessly by the bezels.
Dude, this is the silent battle in my house that I will NEVER win.
Have you even tried pussy? I don't want to undersell it, but it's pretty good.
LOL. Pussy is great for about 15 minutes every day or two (Okay, I'm exaggerating... it's more like 5 minutes for me!) but a good monitor lasts for hours each day.
You were with the wrong woman.
... I think you're doing dating wrong. She wasn't the right person for you obviously.
Grow a pair dude. Your sex life will improve.
People with setups like these usually have a couch or bed further back to watch TV comfortably.
Having a TV that high is seriously not optimal
Is it less optimal than having no TV
I still wouldn't like 3 monitors below the TV when watching TV though.
That's why you turn them off.
Still... they're sitting there... you have to look above a desk + monitors
I wouldn't assume that's the primary TV for the house. Looks more like an office, and it can be nice to have an additional TV in the office if there's a game you want to watch while working, or whatever. will never have three monitors below a tv, in your room, while married, with kids..
So you are saying that people who are married are unable to have cool gaming setups?
Clearly so you can see the map in bf4. I think I'd find that a useful addition.
It looks nice and more comfortable to look at when gaming or sitting on your couch or bed
Me either, it looks fucking stupid and you really can't look at the monitors and the tv at the same time so it's pretty fucking pointless too.
10/10 would put another screen
Whats your name so i can ask for you
I too have that lamp
Open loop cooling D: I think I've found my next project!
Nice cabling and water cooling! Is that a pre-built or did you do it yourself?
What fan controller is that?
I'm not really sure off the top of my head. I'm not at home. I got it at FrozenCPU.
You and I share the same keyboard! I do love it.
Now that's real water cooling.
Do you have any of the specs for your computer and monitors? awesome build, you can nearly cheat in the game!
Currently (in what I realize is going to be a never ending project):
How's BF4 on that setup? Can a single 670 actually push enough frames on a massive resolution like that?
You're not looking at 60fps. more like 30. I feel sorry for the poor card sometimes.
What settings do you play on to get decent FPS?
The potato setting, you must enable it in the console first.
I thought consoles already used the potato setting?
:( My 680 2GB can only play on High settings and get 60 fps on some maps.
Your game is trying to use 2500mb vram, turn your msaa down to 2x and you will get much smoother gameplay with the amount of ram your card has
Ok, thanks. I'll try it the next time I play. As long as it doesn't look like the Xbox without AA :).
The post does an "okay" job. But x2 msaa isnt going to be that much worse than x4.... still hard to do when you know you have the brute force to play, but are limited by vram
Xbox looks bad because of how low res it is. If you're on 1080p you should look fine
We have nearly the same pc :D. My card is a Gtx 770 In Sli :p (it's so beautiful)
Hey- I really like that wall-art print.
I have those same headphones. What do you think? They are pretty uncomfortable after wearing for a long time...
What're the dimensions on your desk?
59"x29.5" standing 29" from floor
I recommend you pop in a second 670 in there for your next upgrade. Better yet, get a 780. just a recommendation though.
Advice taken. I knew I'd get dinged pretty hard for it ;). the 700 line wasn't out at the time of purchase. I'll definitely have more options because of it! thanks!
I must say you rig doesn't seem to be lacking in any department. Clearly did some research and figure out the best rig for your needs.
If he's running the setup in the last pic, he could do for another GPU. I had that card, and BF4 1080p Ultra sat me at an average of 60. I can't imagine it running 3 screens. But I am curious at what performance he is getting. I was thinking about SLI'ing that card, but ended up just upgrading.
He needs two 780's to get any decent FPS here.
Wow I just looked that up. Did not realize SLI 780's were required for smooth triple monitors at ultra for BF4. That's...fucking intense.
I have a 780 classified overclocked to match a 780ti. It can pull off a vertical sync 60fps on bf4 all ultra with resolution scaling at 200% (4k to my single monitor 1080 downsampling (the best AA there is)).
A 780 does not play BF4 on Ultra at 60 FPS at 200% resolution scaling.
I've got a 4GB FTW 770, wanting to SLI some point in the future and either go 120hz or 1440p. That was definitely wet worthy material.
But really at multi-monitor resolutions like that, R9 290s would be a better choice. And I'm saying this as a man running SLI 780s.
How'd you get 60fps? I have a 770 and can only maintain 60fps on SOME maps with high settings, no aa, no ao.
On a single 1080p screen? Everything at ultra, I mean things do dip below 60 but usually when I'm C4'ing armor or in intense firefights with 5-10 people. Generally I only see dips when particles come into play. Otherwise I've seen it near the hundreds on maps like golmud railway.
Well my monitor is 2048x1152, but I can't imagine it makes a huge difference.
How did you get the BF4 map on a separate screen? Is it exclusive for the game or is there a specific tool for doing the same thing in other games?
AFAIK it's an exclusive feature for the game. The battle screen is accessible through the battlelog. When joining a server, you can choose to launch the battle screen for the server you are in (on the bottom blue bar that pops up). The top monitor isn't actually displaying content launched from within the game, but a web browser in full screen mode =). I've yet to see any other games that let you do this, so I thought it'd be a good way to showcase an otherwise useless (kidding) 4th monitor.
I'm confused, so can you actually make the tv display useful information for the game you're actually in?
Yes. Battlelog is a browser application that lets you browse servers, change your loudout etc. It also has a function called Battlemap, where it shows you the map of the BF4 game you're currently playing. It's just in your browser, so you can put it fullscreen on a second monitor, and see the map while playing the game. Edit: It's a BF4 feature, not an application that works with multiple games.
Wow, that's awesome... shame it isn't a program that can do it universally. I was picturing a Starcraft massive map.
Oh I get it now, thanks
I think OP is saying they just opened a browser and googled the map for the current game? I could be totally off though, I'm a little confused myself.
Way off. BF4 allows you to pull up current info from the server you are logged into through the games website. You can pull up the map on your tablet (like I do) and play with things like your guns while you wait to re spawn or while the map is loading.
Supreme commander let you have a full screen interactive map on a 2nd monitor. Its a real time strategy game. Not sure if it would handle the surround + 4th though. That was an old game and many years ago.
That game is amazing fun, old or not. One of my favorite RTS games ever.
How do you like having the 55" above you for your battlescreen? Is it practical, or is it more of a "because why not?" than a "I do better because I have a better view of the map"?
In BF4 land: "because why not" over practical. Battlescreen wasn't too big on my radar to justify getting another screen..let alone one that big. Two screens work out just fine for battlescreen.
Alright, I follow you. Yea I have a 11'x13' finished room in the basement that the wife allows me to have as a Man Cave. Along the 11' wall I've got a 6' long custom desk I made for my PC and dual monitors, then a lower 4' long table I made specifically for console gaming.
Only question I have regarding that is how the hell do you remove the battlelog com center? That piece of shit just sits at the side eating space whenever I try to fullscreen on my 2nd monitor.
War Thunder can do that. The game doesn't specifically have a button for it, but just open up a browser tab and you can enter in http//: or replace the part with your PC LAN address if running on another device connected to your network. It's pretty handy.
As a guy with 7 screens in front of him this gives me a bit of a chub.
Pretty sure on dual monitor or more you press f11 and the map is displayed on a full screen.
You mean F11 while in game?
In your web browser. When you are launching the game, open up the Battle Map.
Or you simply run the web based battlescreen...its the far right button on the bottom blue bar when you join a MP game from the interface.
Do you play BF4 on PC?
Wow it looks pretty impressive. I might have gone with a heavier upgrade of the system before 3 monitors and a 55" but to each his own.
Agreed with the system upgrade. I was getting worried about how the extra load on the single graphics card would handle.
Hey man, could you give me a link to the wallpaper you used on the fourth picture? thanks.
Holy shit... that last shot... that is what dreams are made of my friend.
I hoped you didn't ditch VHS/DVD combo :)
Add a screen for every year. Lol
I bet I know what his 2014 Battle Station is going to look like...
The art is crooked, it's all I can see.
Huh, after looking through the pictures a few times I still thought it was a skull before seeing this.
What keyboard and mouse is that?
Hey Fear, what are the specs on your machine?
Pic 2 to 3, boy, that esculated quickly.
I came a little when I saw the last photo
"Never felt it was worthy until now"
Looks awesome dude! Nice job
Dang, that's pretty sick. Well done.
Damn! That's one hell of a gaming setup. Do want!
Really like this set up!
I like your painting on the wall. Did you make that or did you get it from somewhere? Is it 9 separate tiles?
And then console player ask why we need high FOV lol. looks sick
That BF4 setup with the map is amazing!
You currently have the same background as me. :D
Hey guys I have a question, how much does having multiple monitors really hurt your fps? From what OP said he has a gtx 670 with 4gb and he can get 30fps. If I say wanted a 3 monitor setup how would a r9 280x handle it?
You win, just take my Karma!
I could fap to this
Which outputs you use for the screens? Does your GPU have enough DVI, HDMI output? Because I want to do a similar setup but I just have an old 650TI with 1x HDMI 1X VGA 1X DVI
The card outputs to 4 ports: 1 HDMI, 2 DVI, 1 Display Port (converted to HDMI via adapter). A second card would be the better choice though.
I see. Which GPU combo would be the best for it? I am on a limited budget :/
I got the card before the gtx700 line came out. I could either grab two cards or one very powerful card. for the doubles, I was looking at the gtx660ti's which seemed to be the most stable and more bang for your buck. On the single-card route, I was looking at 670, 680, 690 and titan (both priced at $1000)...sooo bringing my choices down to 670 and 680. With not much of a gap in between I can overclock the 670 pretty close to the 680.
Yeah I definitely agree. If I had that much fund I wouldn't be asking about it, I would just grab a bunch of titans
How did you get the map on the tv screen?
I'd like to know more about the chair. Someone help plz.
Nice setup :D Do you have a link to your background, btw?
How big is that tv ?
How do you display the map on a separate screen?
I want to go to there @_@
That minimap aint so mini.
Wow, I'm not often envious, but I am today.
Time to update dem speakers
I have the same case. Probably the best case I have ever had. Also, beautiful setup you got there. Many props
I am so jelly. :(
Any other games that can really take advantage of a second screen tactically like that?
I think the main evolution your battlesation had is the change from some random screen to a Aperture Science logo in background.
This might be a noobish question, but how do you separate the map onto the top screen?
Bf4 has this feature called battlescreen
There seems to be a love for lamps on this coolcomputersetups...
I'm at the 2010 stage. /:
I guess the evolution of the chair wasn't too much of a priority lol
Honestly that's one of the best setups I've seen in a while , I love how everything is organized plus that top screen map is a nice touch.

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