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Do you always crop pictures and add filters to them with Instagram?
Totally ruins the pic, idc If its a picture of your dog, a famous landmark, or a damn selfie. It ruins it.
Instagram is a bitch for cropping, i don't like it. i'll repost some of the room, really can't see all the knobs or the turntables on the other side
Since i just installed it, i took this with my phone on it, so... it might become a thing.
Nice, I have those Technics heavy, but so good.
Ah ok, I didn't realize they look almost exactly same!
Do the technics also have the coiled wired to one ear?
What kind mof keyboard is that red one? I've been looking for one to buy i kinda like how that one is set up! Great gaming setup though!
Akai Professional Max 49 = does midi and control voltage (analog)
With the Akai MPK Mini = bass register and 2nd hardware arpeggiator
So, do you actually make techno or is saying that just easier than explaining to the masses what trance/house/drum & bass is?
I do make da drum and da bass. this is the first time i've had so much gear combined together at once, of my own. sc /wizards_of_zen , anyone can lambaste the comment section now, fair warning, this is BASS HEAVY music. it's rattled entire dining tables empty in the first drop.
Any way I could hear your music?

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