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Excuse the dumb questions - but NOC? What OS are you running and what's going on on that top monitors (gauges and graphs?)
No problem dude! Network Operations Center. And the main desktops are windows, but all of the servers we deal with are running CentOS, the screens up there are running OpenSuse, and those graphs are Splunk, big data analysis tool we use to look at call volume on our platform and across our carrier trunk groups.
I'm in my last year of IT. now i feel really dumb. Didn't think about that. Always just heard it as NetOps.
Yeha NetOps is another name for the whole team, but NOC is an entity in itself, we see all incidents first as they happen and deal with/escalate appropriately. Cronjobs are great, scripting though. Script your fucking heart out. Perl, Ruby, Rails, Python, and especially bash. They will make your life so much easier, especially when you can go to a higher up and be like remember that time when we had to grep those logs and do damage assessment by hand? Yeah I automated that.
No problem at all my dude! Work hard now, so you can be lazy and automate everything later!
Splunk is awesome! Expensive, but awesome.
Retard expensive. My main engineer I work with is still trying to convince the company to drop the Milli on it.

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