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Be careful of those Diablotek PSUs. They've been known to fry systems in the past, dunno if they've gotten better over the last few years.
They're better than Raidmax in terms of not spontaneously combusting, but from what I understand they are the same Chinese OEM.
The problem is the 12V rails on them are not as powerful as they need be, you may have a 650W, but if you put it under full load it's most likely gonna fail.
What are those Zalman fans up in the top?
What specifically is in that last photo with the plastic bin? I'm assuming just your router, etc. AMIRITE?
Why is it in a bin would be my question. I am assuming to prevent dust?
Yeah! And my cat from turning stuff off.
Yeah its my network with a switch for LAN parties.
I did it myself. Not too great, I know. Thanks for your opinion.
Thanks! That's much more helpful than bashing me!

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