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I've played around with multiple displays. I'm using just one for max FPS in competitive play.
Yeah but isn't two titan's extreme overkill for a little old 23 in display? One Titan alone should distroy even a 1440p screen let alone two of them.
Keep in mind that's a 144Hz display (or 120Hz if he's using lightboost for the glorious clarity) so keeping 120 or 144FPS constantly (LB doesn't work so well at lower FPS) takes some serious power. Vega has to have 4 GTX Titans for 3 of those screens so it's not unreasonable.
2 690s would be better FPS at low resolution than the titans. Cheaper too.
Is there a reason you need dual titans and 32 Gb of RAM? or just because
Man since you are wasting at least one titan give it to me lol
My setup is very similar to this, but I went with the 1200i psu, h100i cooler, and 2x256GB SSDs in RAID 0.

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