Work Station - Computer Setup


Odd, seems to be working fine for me and a few others.
Just re-upload it and it put the link in the comments.
OMG that is a nice setup.
That is a beautiful setup. The TV really makes it for me.
Why not put the TV above the 3x monitors?
That is exactly what I will be doing, as I said it's nearly finished, all I need to do now is put the TV up, get carpet and a coffee table! It's coming together nicely.
Is that Splinter Cell: Blacklist on the middle monitor?
Oh man that looks awesome. I love the idea of being able to sit in the middle of the room but still be within easy reach of everything thanks to the power of the chair on wheels. Of course you'll probably scratch the shit out of the floor but you can't put a price on the enjoyment that only a wheely chair can bring.
Doesn't open for me :(
Is that a macbook air?
Nope, 15" Retina Macbook Pro.
Where did you grab those LED's on the desk?
My camera must of disliked my LED strip lights behind my monitors, apologies!
Custom top I assume? I want to do this myself so I'm highly interested in what material you used, if you like the texture, etc.
The past owners of this house must of had it fitted, when we arrived here it was already sealed to the walls so there's physically no way of moving it around since the wall is the only thing supporting it at the back. I just thought it would be a great opportunity to use this room as my own 'technology base' if you like since it's spacious and out of the way from any other places from the house. If it wasn't for this desk i wouldn't have thought of actually mounting my monitors to my wall rather than buying just your standard desk clamp mounts, so it's a lot cleaner!

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