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I'd hate to be your neck, why are your monitors so far apart?
I only ever use them for my music player and stuff like that. They're cheap monitors and not 1080p so I never use them for games. Also so I can see the lightpack.
Why is the sword on that game cut off on the edge?
That's how it is in the video I captured. No idea why.
Oh so it's not actually like that on the screen? The camera just messed it up I guess. It just threw me off.
I actually didn't even see it until you said that lol. But yeah that's how it is on the YouTube video.
Wow i even have the same case and gpu as you. The only difference is that i have the gigabyte gtx 770 4gb. Nice station btw.
I normally hate LEDs, but that lightpack is a pretty interesting concept. Almost want to buy one. Though you need to wrangle those cords in the back if you can.
I do need to clean up the cords a bit more but as it is it's still looks really good. It was a kickstarter project though and it's still not finished yet (doesn't work with certain games) but as it is it's still amazing to have (at least to me).
Aside from looking cool, do the lights actually help reduce eye strain as they claim? $120 is a steep price for led's but if it actually reduced eye strain it would be well worth it.
For eye strain yeah I noticed a huge difference right after I installed it. It works very well for that. I backed it on kickstarter at $60 and it's well worth that price. It sucks that it's up to $120 now but if you have the money and are willing to help out a smaller company I'd go for it. I would wait until mid February though because they have been having some manufacturing issues that need to be resolved.
Cool, thanks for the reply. Will probably pick this up now!
Don't let that case touch the carpet! Otherwise looks good
Is the chair good? Can you feel the pivot point through the cushion?
Chair feels pretty good. Lots of foam so you only feel that. The included lumbar and headrest cushions also help out (I have back and neck problems).
This is the first DxRacer chair I've seen that actually looks comfortable to sit in. I've never had the opportunity to try one but all the others I've seen look like thin hard pads.
Yeah the other models look more like actual racing chairs but with mine (the D series) and I quote from their website,
Man I'd love to have that chair. We need more re-sellers in canada :D
Oh shit! How'd you get LightPack? I didn't think it was out yet.
Having just built a rig, "for now" is the key term used there.
Yep, everything else I want isn't available right now so I'm happy with it (until the Oculus Rift is avalible).
What are those headphones? Is that the Logitech brand gaming ones?

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