Workstation - Computer Setup


-pentium 4 extreme 4.2ghz -4gb ddr2 -2.5" 10000RPM 60gb sata hdd
It is only used to watch movies and render videos on so it dosent matter if it gets the job done
As a youtube gaming parter this is my little corner if heaven i built the desk from 3 different computer desks, in an attempt to build the perfect gaming setup. the desk is actually 3" lower than normal for comfort and has built in cooling for the laptop, and when i am done it folds up for nice and easey for storage
That laptop is pretty slow dude.
Runs crysis 2 on very high with hd textures enabled. it actually runs amazingly well
Yes it is modded tho
Over cocked and a few other tweaks, hell i can mod an intel hd 3000 to play crysis 2 on high, & at 1024x768 at about 30-40 fps

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