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More like moved your desk so your room mate wouldnt catch you fapping ;)
Not to mention the tissue box beside his new setup. I don't blame him, I've got a box of tissues on top of my tower. For when my nose gets runny, of course.
One of the better posts I've seen the peek back in time!
You pretty much just took me through my own entire life... Replace Anime with Quake.
Please explain to me why you thought a Bible Black wallpaper would be funny. Also I like the newest setup.
All of the "squirt" cans on the desk was the joke.
I laughed audibly when I came across that picture. To be honest, I had never seen that soda before. Had to look it up. Looks like it would be tasty and for some reason made me crave C.C. Lemon.
I haven't had it in... christ, probably 15 years now, but it was delicious. Might be a regional thing which is why you've never had it. It tastes like a lemony blend of 7-Up and Fresca and it strangely kind of opaque/milky.
I'm having one right now, got a twelve pack at the store today. This was possibly the second best buy I made today. The first best was bacon.
If you like grapefruit, you'll like Squirt.
I honestly thought you just really liked squirt.
A quick summary of Bible Black: Ohh, look a vagin..SUDDENLY PENIS
Interesting. Don't know what the big deal is, it's just hentai.
Went in expecting a fancy black wallpaper with some sort of bible theme.
I was hoping for hentai. I wasn't disappointed.
And that was a mistake to Google that
Wow the flatscreen monitor totally changed the look of gaming setups!
This man has good taste in anime. Also I don't know how I feel about that 47" TV as a monitor...
Nice... Also what are those chat windows that are open for 15 years now???
I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess it's anime-related
I'm on 8 different servers and about 30 different channels. Many different subjects, some anime, some computers, some PC games.
Station was really creepy for a while there.
I read squirt all over my desk bible black wallpaper before looking at the picture.
You put photos of your friends on the wall?
What job do you have that lets you work from home?
There's lots of jobs that let you work from home. Not all of them are tech jobs either.
Please list a few. I have some health problems that make holding a regular office type job nearly impossible.
I never knew about this Apple at home advisor job! I am highly proficient in computers and will be sending in a resume tomorrow morning. Thank you sincerely for posting this!
I setup a really nice room for a guy doing the trading deal. Check up on him every few months - he is making good money. Good enough to quit his job and focus on that.
I've been graphic designing from home since 2008. Somewhat hard to get into at first (especially if you have little knowledge of it), but once you develop some reputation you're all set.
My sister and a family friend do pretty decent with Medical Transcription, might want to look in to that.
My mother does that for a living for three different companies. It sucks.
I work for Geek Squad, and recently moved to the Covert channel. I do remote support and love it.
I work for a company called Teletech which represents a lot of different companies (which I can't list - confidentiality stuff). I love working for them and since we're getting into tax season, they're hiring a lot of people for a specific client company.
You put your crt monitors to good use
This post made me feel so nostalgic
Omg my Dad worked at @Home back in the day, he was pretty high up as well
Thanks for posting. This is really cool.
I love the smallish monitor to then a massive one haha god i would love that!
Man I wish I had pictures of my past computer setups to share
I love your Sailormoon posters :D Wish I had some while growing up, I just had to resort to printing out pictures of taping them on my wall :(
Do you still the PlayStation poster!? :3
Would you ever be willing to part with it?
I'm too lazy to box and ship things, otherwise I'd have tons of stored crap on e-bay.
What if you got payed to be lazy and ship things :O? A man can dream, a man can dream.
Oh god Squirt soda is so good
This took me back.
Dig the post and actually laughed at the desk orientation to the door picture. I'm way too jumpy. EDIT: damn phone wont auto correct.
Beautiful evolution. I enjoyed going through the album, reminds me of my setups over the years. Thanks for sharing.
Is that a Model M in the first picture? If you still have that keyboard and it's in decent condition, it could be worth a good amount of money.
Nice posters, reminded me of my room growing up!
I had a lot of those same posters and wallscrolls. Very nice
I dig the Klipsch speakers. I wish that volume knob was made better and I might still have mine...
I have to ask about the HDTV as a monitor... it really works for you? Isn't the max res 1080? Doesn't it look awful sitting so close? You've got to be inside the min viewing distance for the screen when you're sitting right there, yeah?
My vision isn't the best and it helps with my eyes. It works extremely well and looks amazing as long as you get an ultra sharp screen. The only downside is that it's 60hz for PC so you can get screen tearing in some games, but it's not horrible.
How do you get 32"s to go 1080p? The most mine goes up to is 1036.
It was a sony bravia TV and I made sure it was that resolution before I bought it.
I want one of those egangelion figures!
Thanks for sharing. It was really neat seeing technology and your life change over nearly 20 years. Definitely made me think back to some of my old setups.
PC Setup 2007, the CRT is a Sony GDM-F520? If so I still use mine to this day, nothings better then 160hz for Counter Strike!
It's in the basement, still works fine.
Best post I've ever seen here. Kick ass job my friend.
It was great not just seeing your set up but also the evolution of gaming and technology in general. Thanks for sharing!
Tribes 2? hell yeah! Oh the lan parties we had.....
Couldn't handle a monitor that big in front of me. But awesome!
Upvote for the Cambridge Sound works speakers in the first few pics. A friend of mine had a set of these and they sounded great!
I don't really have anything post-worthy yet, but I think I'm going to start documenting my setups, at least for some later nostalgia.
Microsoft Keyboards.... I see you used to rock an original Natural Keyboard in Black, and now you rock a 4000.... I could never get into the 4000, can't stand the space bar [common compaint about that model ]) and I gave mine away. I am currently back to rocking my original Natural (in black)... I have one in my office too and another for a spare (I have killed a couple).... Why did you ever get of the first generation MS? It is still my favorite.
I think I spilled something on it. I actually went through two of them, the first one was ivory, second black. I remember very clearly loving that keyboard more than anything else. The same time it died, natural keyboards started to have the screwed up arrow keys for awhile. You know when they stacked them like a diamond instead of a tetris piece. I held off on buying another one until they fixed those arrow keys.
The ones with the stacked arrow keys were the "elite" ones. They were the second generation, and not that great. I had one of those for a while, eventually I bought a used first generation to replace it. I have a black (which I bought new around 1996) and an ivory (kinda yellow now) at the office.
This history of gaming setups just screams huge nostalgia, those big landmark in history when it comes to animes, movies, and video games. Just seeing those posters remind me how old and fragile I will become but will still appreciate what I loved when I was a kid. Props to the Princess Mononoke poster!
The difference between monitors in 2006 and 2008 is mind-blowing.
2006 and you didn't have a flatscreen, I swear 2006 was, nope, shit, thats 7 years ago. Fuck a duck.
This was very enjoyable to browse through, a nice change in between all the "look ad my leds" setups today.
Wow you've been a weeb for quite awhile
Nah, OP appears to be an anime fan among other things (Saeki is so great). I've met a lot of "weebs" as you call them and OP doesn't have the cringe factor.
If you don't mind me asking, what kind of work do you do from home?
So... you watch much anime??
How are 480p, 720p, and 1080p anime on that 4k screen? I've been thinking of getting one next time I need a TV but I'm not sure how video quality would be.
It's not 4K. If I ever did get a 4K tv it would be for a computer screen, however I would have to move it much closer to my face because the resolution would be so high, I would have difficulty reading anything with my poor vision.
Whoops, misread what the TV was. My bad. Just did my research and I'll probably just get a nice high end plasma.
Did i See you playing Runes of magic IN one of these shots? :D
No, one was Morrowind, most of the others were EVE Online. edit What you probably saw was Aion.
What do you play on aion and what server?
Ah now I miss my old pentium 3 and CRT monitor good old times. Also great setup!
Seeing you keep your anime posters all the way to present day made me smile.
What's the name of the ergonomic Logitech mouse on the 1999 and 2002 pictures? I just remembered I had the same one, it was the most awesome mouse at the time.
So what's your top ten favorite Japanese animes then?
I kept scrolling to see when you'd grow out of all the anime. Joke's on me...

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