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Dude all my mom buys is diet doctor pepper, I hate that pop with a passion
Why don't you buy your own doctor pepper then?
He's probably a teenager, (if u dont like it deal w/it)
Probably cause she doesn't want you chugging carbonated sugar water and catching diabetes.
Same here, mom ONLY buys diet soda. I've sort of gotten used to it now.
Do you like the midi R2 like i hear everyone else dose?
So far, absolutely. It's actually built REALLY well, looks way better than in pictures (in pictures the Midi looks kind of cheap and plasticy, not the case in person.). It's also a bit bigger than you'd expect, I was surprised (coming from an Apevia Jupiter). There's plenty of space and ample options for watercooling and cable management. One thing I don't like though is the window, it's way too dark in my opinion. I literally can't see in it right now, with the lights on. I plan on getting an Alchemy Strip or something in the future though, which will hopefully negate this effect.

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