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I have the same headset and it never happened that other people were hearing themselves. Maybe a faulty unit? Or do you turn the volume up to 11?
It's when it's up fairly loud, normally they can't hear anything.
I just got the same monitor, it's awesome.
What's with the keyboard?
Why'd you choose it over a mechanical keyboard?
I'm asking the same question....
Damn, I want that case _
Iv got an air 540 in black, I honestly love it, its a little power cube. and having a power supply on the other side makes the cable management easy and super clean
Honestly yea it is little. Its a little wide but its not very tall at all.
It seems okay so far, with 35-40 degrees celcius in summer here in Aus, it has kept my everything nice and cool so far.
Nice build, still will never understand why you all keep choosing that fat monstrosity of a case. Things are supposed to be getting smaller, not pointlessly wider...

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