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Where did this happen? Did you get a reduced rate for the gear, or was it free? Details, man!
Is dry land at a such a premium in the Netherlands that you can only afford to give players 20 centimeters of mousing space?
Haha, right now we've build the setup at our "office" to see if all the equipment works friday we'll move everything to the grand podium there'll be plenty of mouse room.
I'll take a crack at this for you. I use the highest sensitivity in all games I play. Sometimes I even use console to go beyond the limit such as with TF2. I do this so that I can move the mouse 1/8" and turn 360 degrees. As such I never need a space more than about twice the size of the mouse. In a tournament RTS where APM and reaction time is crucial I think high sensitivity would be wise.
You're like the ten year olds who set their CoD stick sensitivity on Xbox to 10 and think they're pro for doing it.
They usually enjoy a nice low 800-1600 dpi for more accuracy. Not too generalized though but it's the number given when people have accuracy problems.
God dam OP! Post awesome picture, doesnt comment to explain
Why is he doing this to us? Does OP not like us?
So what happens to the Computers after? Do they get sold to the players or do you just keep them for future tournaments?
...but only if you pay for shipping.
We have to send them back some of them are used for demo models in stores others go straight to other tournaments.
They save them for the next tourney. Once the tournies stop, or the gear becomes to weak to run the (new) games well, it is then sold to the highest bidder.
Where does this bidding take place? Its probably on a larger than consumer scale but its still interesting.
I have no idea maybe someone else can help you out. If they happen to tell me when we return the pc's Monday ill post a update
Judging by the 24/7 BO2 race to highest prestige done by GoldGlove and Jericho, I believe it gets sent back. They had Samsung send them tons of shit (like huge LCD TVs and what not) and they kept saying they needed to ship it back.
Why do some of the rigs have different peripherals? ie. some have different keyboards, mice, cases.
I don't know how professional this tournament is, but maybe some people had to use their sponsor's gear.
Because the pc's come from different sponsors most of the plays will bring there own keyboard but if they don't they can choose between keyboards
The front I/O is just as appalled as we are that OP hasn't delivered with details.
Oh god, I have that case. I will never unsee that
Okay, what am I looking at here?
I think it's the audio/in out and USB ports on the left make a worried/scared face.
ITT OP doesnt give details
Sorry guys I posted this at 2am didn't think it would blowup so much
I feel bad for the Logitech side...non-mechnical keyboards and wireless mice (even though I own the same mouse...).
That mouse isnt that terrible. maybe not great for pros. my brother owns two
The pro's will bring there own keyboard / mouse setup this is just to setup the computers and as a backup
No, I know that. It's a great mouse, it's just the cable is the most annoying cable ever... It gets snagged in everything and it's heavy. They should have made it a braided cable.
TIL OP just wants the credit
For everyone asking, sorry that I didn't deliver right away it was 2am and I really needed some sleep.
No no one of the crew does
What're the specs of these beasts?
Do any pros attend these events?
The white is the stryker and the black is the trooper.
Who gets the pc' parts after the tournaments?
They reuse them for tournies, or sell them to whoever will pay the right price.
I think they should raffle em off for people who baught tickets to attend.
This is actually done with some of the laptops we used at an old sc1 tounrney I helped host back in the day.
A gaming laptop or titan 690 gtx? Which do you prefer?
Well, gaming laptop. You can't do shit with just a graphics card.
Other than you know, use it.
If you sit down at a tournament would you rather have someone hand you a Laptop or a Titan?
But they are handing us the CM Storms, aren't they?
That is not how I understood the question.
They'll be used as demo models in stores or go to different tournaments
How can I get your type of job. Seriously.
The smell must have been glorious.
Contacts, contacts, contacts and do everything you possibly can to make it the best and greatest ever with that motivation you can achieve everything
Totally unrelated comment, but fuck it - Have an bookmark.
You should know mr "i bought the cumbox"
Would you like to enter my tournament? The buy-in is $2000.
I'm drooling. This is porn for me.
So does the crew ;)
I think some of the crew almost got a hearth attack when the shipment arrived
Props for Starcraft 2! Love that game!
So does the crew there are still a few days left before the tournament (saturday) the whole production / audio visual crew have been playing Starcraft 2 matches against each other all day
How are those BenQ 3d monitors? Was toying with getting one.
How does that work? Do the games have to support it, or is it on the driver level?
The game has to support it, if it doesn't then there is a sorta bootleg 3D made by the monitor, but no where near as great as if it were supported by the game.
That is lame. I wanted to buy one but I really can't justify the cost if it only works on a couple games.
Look at the bright side, more and more games are starting to support it, I know for a fact a few games that support 3D: Battlefield 3, both Batman Games, Mafia 2, and the Trine series. You should just wait if it's out of your price range, technology only gets cheaper, especially since new panels are starting to become affordable, such as 4k tvs.
Just something that came into my mind; BF4 will have oculus rift support.
I personally bought one just for the refresh rate.
Oh jesus! Oh lawdy! Get da game support nigguh! Damn bootleg 3D monitors!
Actually, if the game doesn't do native 3D, you can still enable it with TriDef or iZ3D. They provide 3rd party drivers that enable stereoscopic 3D.
If you have a NVIDIA card the 3d vision driver brings 3d support to games without 3d settings. I've used it to play halo and republic commando in 3d. Its great!
The BenQ monitors are great, thin bezel, good colors, matte screen, really low input lag, etc.
They're great really sharp/good colors and a great response time. Assembling them is a bit clumsy but after 10 monitors you know how it works ;)
How did those BenQ work out? I've been looking out for a solid 120hz/3D monitor for a while now..
The BenQ monitors are great, thin bezel, good colors, matte screen, really low input lag, etc.
"The thing I want to sell is fantastic!"
They're great really sharp/good colors and a great response time the pro's love them, you can also turn the screen 180 degrees and you can make it stand up pretty high. Assembling them is a bit clumsy but after 10 monitors you know how it works ;)
Did people actually request to play one membrane keyboards? Because I don't think many pro gamers use those
The pro's bring there own keyboard this is just to setup the computers / test them (aka play matches with the crew )
That white case is the same as mine. So beautiful.
I have one too, I absolutely love it.
I love the handle on the top! Perfect if you have to carry them around all over the place
And then there is the pack up afterwards.
And the couple of computers which go missing in transport.
Dude, you joke, but it does happen.
It's pronounces meese not mices, gawd.
No, sorry, "meeses" is the plural of moose.
Whoops my main language is Dutch don't blame me I life 20 meters under sea level ^
Where are the mousepads? I would be furious.
Players will bring there own mousepads, most of them will also bring there own keyboard / mouse setup.
+1 to this, when you play at a competitive level you ALWAYS want to use your own headset & mic (diff mics can change your voice and confuse your team etc, and headsets change sound obv) and use your own mouse & pad as well keyboard simply because you are so used to it.
Those aren't empty boxes, they're chairs!
I think we've found one of us we got tons of tables but forgot the chairs.
As much as I'd love to be a part of what seems like a ton of a fun, you're actually mistaken. Though feel free to use my idea.
Yeah how does this work did you buy all this? or what?
What tournament is this and what game is it for?
A couple of those towers are WAY too close to the end of the desk!!
Look at all these setups better than mine.
Good luck on SC2 tournaments!
I have that keyboard. I love it, but only with the wrist rest.
They did include it but since most players will bring there own keyboard we left them in the back if a player wants one he can grab one!
Looks great! Who funded all of this?
The computers are sponsored by CM-Storm Coolermaster and Paradigit
What do they do with the hardware after the event?
Some of the computers are going to be used as display models at stores others will travel across the world to different tournaments
I can't tell you the number of times in have been in your shoes. The long hours setting up workstations and then spend even more hours watching over them to make sure they keep running and no one walks off with a keyboard mouse or headset. Do yourself a favor take 10 min sit down and have a frosty beverage on me.
I have that same mouse T_T g700s so happy i bought this
Why are all the cases on the table? It seems there is no space for mouse. If you play a bit with cables all those cases can be on floor. Where they are safer imho.
Can you have them after ? :D
What tournament? I'm a Starcraft player, and would love to know :)
Yes they do but we also have to make sure the pc's actually work and that's a bit hard without a keyboard and mice
Well I guess that's something that never occurred to me, heh.
Os details? Software info?
We simply run Windows 7,
Mice is already plural of mouse. Mices makes no sense
Whoops!! Sorry English isn't my main language
Is this for an MLG thing?
Don't you dare ever say that again.
How much did that all cost? and did the competitors get to keep the gear?
All the gear is sponsored by CM-Storm Coolermaster and Paradigit we have to send the gear back when were done with it (it'll be used in different tournaments across the world and as display computers in stores)
Those cases remind me of when cars used to have tail fins.
DO you get to keep that shit! Don't mind any left overs :D
"Mice is the plural of mouse. Mices isn't a word."
Sorry i'm Dutch so English isn't my main language and I made this post really late!
Naw man it's fine. I don't mind.
How quaint, only 20 computers? Try setting up a trading floor some time - 4 monitors per workspace and all sorts of funky peripherals.
I am also a cunt
This is "only" the player setup the whole event will be broadcasted to so we have a whole broadcast setup complete with camera dolly's / crane's / black magic hardware director's audio/light tables.
Yeah, I imagine the really interesting stuff is everything you haven't mentioned - the network infrastructure and admin stuff. If you have time/are able post that too!
I'll post a walk around video when we've arrived at the world forum Friday (this is our temporarily office setup to check if everything works)

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