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Unfortunately miscalculated the space I had for my speakers...
Where can I get some cheap ones? This is a good idea!
I have these and there isn't any more I could ask for from them.
These are the ones I got: LINK
42" HDTV, 144hz monitor with 2 e-IPS panels.
A link to your wallpaper would be much appreciated:)
"You're a fuckin wierdo, JP."
"You would if you had robot ears."
I really like it. could you send me a link to the headset stand and the desk if possible?
Headset stand is actually a banana hook from bed bath beyond. The desk is a galant desk and I installed the lack shelf on top of it with capita stands
That's such a good idea thanks
Office Max Kennet Mesh chair
I really need stands for my M-Audio BX5 D2's...
Love the sound setup. I have a similar issue with my monitors in that they sometimes hide behind my screens.
He asked how to refer to each device. The one I provided is the simplest one that anyone will get.
I guess for simplicities sake it makes sense.
Amp/Glowing thing under your monitors?
Believe it's the Griffin PowerMate. It's basically a programmable multimedia controller that looks great.
Looks like one of those 3D mice or an amp
I was thinking hd 6xx line. What DAC/Amp do you use?
What do you use the big screen for?
This gaming setup is in my room. It's lined up with my bed and I sit back and watch movies with it.
That's cool. I've seen a few home office setups like this and always wondered. Curious what use it would have other than TV...
Ever played Eve, or really any video game on a tv from inches away? Its glorious. You should try it
Can you take a pic of behind the monitors? Are they on original rotating stands or custom-mounted?
The monitors are on a triple monitor desk clamp by the brand "mount it!"
Can you be more specific siar? Which model do you hath?
This is weird -- i can't find the original amazon link for the item. doesn't look like it's on amazon now, but i got it from there about three months ago:
Now just make the entire setup lift off the ground a bit and be tilted down towards you. you are very close to the setup!
What's that iPhone stand?
What chair is that? Your wallpaper is adorable!

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