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I am a big fan of gun game. Always play it at LAN parties
Great job on the setup! Could you please post a link to your minion desktop?
I actually did a wallpaper dump this morning as well, there's a couple other ones in there too.
Yeah those R.A.T. Mice are balls.
Ah the g400s, you sir have taste.
Oh, forgot to mention, the case is the Corsair C70 Vengeance. Planning on painting it a snow camo digi pattern on it.
I have the same case in black. I love it :)
I was originally going to go with the Military Green, but decided white would be easier to do the theme I want to do.
How is the VG248QE? I plan on buying it for my new rig. Any complaints? Anything worth sharing?
I think it's totally worth it. Lightboost + 144hz = no motion blur. EVERYTHING IS SO SMOOTH
How well does it actually play on a 660ti? I'm looking at doing 144hz gaming myself, but I've been told the minimum requirements for 144hz @ 1080p ultra settings is SLi gtx 770s.
I'm tempted to swap my case's window around like you did there. I wish I could do that mod and replace it all together with a clear window though. I did try using one fan to test out the side mounting areas and it made an aggravating noise I'm sure which is done by pulling the air through those drilled holes.
Yea... I am definitely planning on replacing the window. I know you can get plexi from Home Depot, you just have to cut it to size and use some rubber grommets to keep it in place.
Does it move on you at all? or did you just get a thicker sheet of plexi?
What CPU cooler is that?
It's a Cooler Master GeminII M4. Nothing special. Will probably replace it for a water cooling heatsink in the future.
How do you like the RM750? I'm debating as to if I get a CX750 or an RM750 to prepare my rig for future Crossfiring.. Does it make a sizeable difference to noise?
It's not bad. I don't know what the noise is like on a CX750, but this one is pretty damn quiet..
Owner of an RM750 here. Can approve.
The RM series was designed around being as quiet as possible, if silence is your goal you should go for an RM.
How do you like your keyboard?
Love it. Will say this though, the cable it came with, sucks. It's a detachable mini USB. Cable broke somewhere in the cable itself, and would randomly disconnect (it got me killed in Battlefield way too many times, in some pretty comedic ways though). So I just bought another mini USB cable and everything is good.
Also you have to order the power cord separately if you want the full range of backlighting and full powered USB ports.
Where did you get it btw?
A place called Memory Express. It's a computer shop up here in Canada. I don't know if they sell it anymore, but it's from steelseries
Ok I have to ask: which screensaver / OS background is that, with the time and date on the left? I've seen it a couple of times already but no specific notion of what it is.
I use a program called Rainmeter, and a skin called Serenity. Sweet little program to add a bit of personality to your machine. Also, it's Windows 8.1.
Ah... thank you! Yes I was referring to the third picture, I could have written that sorry. Alright, now I nkow. :)
We have the same mouse and mouse pad!
This is a sick gaming setup, i want to make mine like this one day
Thanks man, appreciate it.
Im only bookmarking you because its your cake day, also because I have the same case. EDIT Mostly because I have the same case. EDIT It's entirely because I have the same case
What do you think of those fans? Corsair AF120 aren't they?
I have 2 AF120's and 2 AF140's. Pretty good so far. Quiet, which is what I wanted.
Thanks for responding. Are they the performance edition or quiet edition?
I love the clean cables in the case. I swear, I've tried so many cases over the years and have never achieved a truly clean cable setup. It got so bad, I just stopped buying cases with windows.
Haha yea, this took about 4 tries to get this clean
Woah. Exact same computer... Small world
I was thinking about buying that keyboard, is it worth it?
I like it a lot. I would be careful with the cable they give you though. Mine broken somewhere along the cable and it would randomly disconnect. Replacing it with another Mini USB fixed it though.
Cherry MX Blue switches right?
I think they are Cherry MX Browns to be honest
I can say it's not as clicky as the Razer Black Widow... that much I know. Still pretty clicky though
MX Browns are not clicky. I had this keyboard with the MX Blacks. I switched to a different keyboard mainly because I didn't like the blacks and didn't like the aesthetics.
Ikea. Fedrik I believe. But I added the shelf and the angled brackets (also from Ikea) myself.
How do you like CM storm trigger, what cherry key (color) do you recommend. what kind of mouse is that?
Like the CMStorm, but had to replace the mini USB cable. Original one started disconnecting the keyboard randomly.
No optical drive? How did you install your OS?
It was already installed. But who needs an optical drive anymore? You pretty much can digital download any game (legally of course) these days.
Could you please tell me what monitor that is?
Great Computer! Could you post a link to the wallpaper with the joker?
Will be soon! I'll send you the link when it's up
Nice setup. And I have a question for you. I also have the CM Storm Trigger keyboard and I noticed that the num lock LED is dimmer than the caps and scroll lock LEDs, at least on my keyboard. Is this the case for you? This has been irking my a lot lately, especially since I have the external power so when I have my computer off the three lock LEDs are all on and it just looks odd to me. Thanks!
I don't have the external power and all the LED's are about the same brightness. Don't know what's goin on with your keyboard, but that's a weird one.
Yea, I think it is defective. I want to get an RMA but the Trigger has been discontinued so I am not sure what keyboard I will get as a replacement.
Downvote for minion. Sorry but despicable me is fucking atrocious.
Congratulations on finally going full-retard! ;)
Yeah fuck everyone who doesn't like the same things as me

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