Computer Setup


I love it!!!! The cabinet, the rift holder head, everything...
Yeah, admittedly, wire management is very sub-par in this apartment. We really need to step up our game in that department.
The external wiring on OPs desk is also really bad :\
They should try getting one of those little things from Ikea that holds wires or using some pvc piping from a home improvement store to route the cables neatly.
I'm actually working on drilling a hole in the back of my desk and I'm going to feed all of the cables into my top drawer. I know the cable management is terrible :( lol
Bachelor Pad Gaming setup AKA Virgintopia. I kid i kid, looks lovely :P
And I though my cable management was bad >___>
God I want a MAME so fucking bad
Why are you running a 4770 with a 760?

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