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Oh my god the term Hipster has lost all meaning...
Agreed, but my friends called it bug like or hipster so I picked the latter.
I am actually confused. What is hipster about the lights?
The lights were cool before he even turned them on
They're different. These days if you're table isn't from Ikea, you're a hipster.
I am table. Am I a hipster?
They are retro-style bulbs in repurposed/'mechanical' fixtures. They look old, and efficient, when they are mostly new and inefficient by any measure. Trendy restaurants for young people have them.
Tell me more about the lamp fixtures and bulbs. They look really cool.
I'd like to know as well.
It's just a wall monitor mounting kit, some black piping, Edison light bulbs, bulb sockets, and a dimmer switch. I bought all of it from my local hardware store. The piping isn't cheap, but I really liked the look of it and it was super easy to work with. Other then the wiring, it was like building with big kid Legos. I can upload more photos of the lamp if you want.
What's the power consumption on those bulbs if you don't mind me asking? Cool Setup by the way.
Each are 60 watt Edison bulbs. They get a bit warm if I leave them on high but nothing I would call dangerous. The nice thing about them is how well you can control them on a dimmer.
Ooh, everyone likes a good dimmer. And hey, worse comes to worse they can help keep the room warm in the winter right?
I have used lava lamps for this exact reason. Warm and cool looking.
Those lights are genius. I have been looking for a light that will be directly above my desk for ages. Who would have known ll along I should just make my own. Thank you sir!
Same. I wanted a light for my desk but didn't want it to get in the way of anything. I admit the monitor mount was an after thought once I had completed the lamp. It worked out better then I could have imaged. I now have a well lit desk and more free desk space then when I started.
That is a badass lamp idea!!!
Looks? Looks terrible to me. Looks like all you're doing is lowering the contrast of your screen (by adding external light sources) and introducing glare.
Do the lights not irritate your eyes late at night? I always have to turn my desk lamp facing the wall in the evening or it fucks with my eyes. Setup looks really cool though :)
Name of monitor? nice setup
Thanks. The monitor is an Acer X233H that I ordered off of newegg back in 2010. I was going to try and buy a second one a few months ago but it's discontinued.
Where did you get the part that attaches the monitor to the pipes?
Hardware store. It's a common 3/4" pipe clamp that had a threaded hole on it. Harder part was finding a bolt that fit and was long enough to attach to the monitor mount.
How much did you get the speakers for?
I think $3 for the pair. One wasn't working because the wire inputs had broken off but that was easy to fix.
I read that fast and got "Hipster Lightning"
I don't know. I have taken them apart and didn't see any marking that indicated who made them. Even the grill covers are just blank black squares.
That lighting is classier than your average hipster can manage.
Please put both of your speakers at the same height. :'( I died a bit.
I thought hipster lighting would just be old Victorian candelabra.
So, it's okay to position speakers unevenly now?
Neat setup, where can I get the blue piggy?

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