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Gaming setups are never complete.
True, hence the inverted commas. For the time being, though, I can stop spending money on it.
Amazing speakers (especially for a small - mid sized room). I really like how you're capitalizing on space with them!
Would you mind uploading that Quorra wallpaper?
Came here just for this
I glanced at the picture and thought that your tower was a sub lol.
Less a 'tower' and more just a box haha.
How much more do you like them over the conventional two speakers and a sub setup? And are they justified in the $250 price point?
Nice improvements. What size monitors are those? I'm about to purchase two monitors for a dual-monitor setup and I'm having a hard time deciding between 21.5" and 23" displays.
24". Good size but only if you've got enough space. My desk's reasonably large and I still had to get the monitor mount so I could fit some decent speakers on there. But then I do have my PC on the desk too.
I have the same monitors, and for the life of me can't get them to line up next to each other perfectly. Did you have any problems with it?
A bit when they were free-standing. I think it's mostly because they're not super rigid on their bases and might be a bit heavier on one side than the other, so they sort of sit at an angle. In the second picture the little speakers are actually propping the monitors up a bit so they line up in the middle. If I removed the speakers one would've looked higher up than the other. But I think it's just because they're a bit wonky when free-standing. On the new mount they're totally fine.
Oh shit, I didn't see there was a third picture! That's fucking awesome. Link to mount?
And of course my desk doesnt have a lip, just bought it too. Ah well, I'll probably wall mount in the future
Defiantly 24", I have three and it's the perfect size. Just make sure it's 16:9
This monitor is 24 inches and it doesn't care what you think.
Niiice. I have the same setup for keyboard / mousepad, but I have the Sensei instead of the Rival. Love Steelseries products :)
Great choice! I have one as well with the same mousepad!
You think you are done?
That desk looks like a beauty
Is that black box on the left a tower for your PC? If so what is it?
Looks like a Black Bitfenix Phenom M
Bitfenix Phenom micro-ATX. Basically a prodigy-m without the handles, but I much prefer the look of the phenom and don't need it to be portable.
Sweet, yeah my next case is definitely going to be a Bitfenix. I like the look. Thanks for quick reply.
Hey, i have the same mouse! super comfy.
A mechanical keyboard will blow your mind... you will question why it took you so long to switch
What monitors are you using?
You use a steel series mouse! I knew there were others, usually I get picked on for mine, have you run into any problems with it?

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