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Just out of curiosity as an old eve triple boxer, what are you up to with all these characters? Please not high sec mining...
I wish I could tell you and not cause myself any unwanted attention, but I cannot/you know how it is.
Dont be was just a joke :)
Not at all. such distinctions make EVE players proud
Holy crap someone actually did this. $800 for triple the pixels of a 4k screen is insane.
Do you have any better pictures of your mounting system? This is an intriguing idea.
Yeah, and i apologize, i really should have included these shots in the album. (and now it's too late to edit the original images)
Can we see it in use?
So, so, much this. You can't show off an 8 monitor setup and not show it in action!
Let's see EVE and something like Crysis, Hard Reset, something beautiful.
If you mean in a FRAPS recording, that's just not possible at any framerate. the best I could do is get a video recording from over my shoulder and upload that. is that what you mean?
An OTS video would be awesome.
I've considered it for a while, and I do have a 1080p camera (not the go pro, the other one, barrel-shaped). it's been on my mind, but I've had this setup live for less than 24 hours, might be a few days to a couple weeks
Yup there are engineers and then there is every one else...
Does the touch screen functionality work?
Digitizers are separate things, these have no touch functionality.
Didn't even think about that.
Would it be difficult to add a digitizer to the screen like a normal touchscreen monitor? Or does it need all the inside hardware of a full tablet to handle that?
I wouldn't know, i'm sure it's possible. there are companies that make digitizers that are meant to be added to screens, and I imagine that would be easier than trying to hack the ipad digitizer to work as a stand-alone. no idea if doing so would be simple or very complicated. there's a company that makes digitizers but their name escapes me at the moment.
UC Logic. i've looked at their products and they come highly recommended. some of their offerings have sensitivity levels comparable to wacoms, which is what I was considering them for. (problem with the wacom cintiqs being price, and their screens get hot, have bad color reproduction, and have a very high response time which causes tracers. I owned one for two days and it was very bad)
Oh ok, NOW i get the big picture. you ARE using ipad screens as a desktop monitor. so you buy the seperate controller cards, and mount them on the back. the monitor and the controller card, is that all i need after power/video cord? they are probably really thin and small bezel. thats pretty great, wow.
Yeah, that's the difference between screen size and pixel resolution. more pixels means more information that is visible at one time
For about 8 months i used a 40" tv as my monitor. it was so large, i had to set it on a small shelf instead of putting it on my desk. on my desk, it was too close.
Sounds like you need 4 more screens and 1 more character ;)
Yeah the assembly is very modular. if you get a decent powered USB hub, you can run one with no issues. the adapter (the part that plugs into the wall) will have the output listed on it, you're looking for something that says "Output 2.4A @ 5V" or something similar. you want the __A @ 5V to clear at least 2A. the highest I've found is 3.6A... some are as low as 1.4A, and those won't work--you're trying to clear at least 1.6A minimum.
Awesome thanks! Now I just need to justify to my wife spending $120 on a fifth monitor...
Why would you spend what I assume is a lot of money and time for just one game? That's a real question, not me trying to be a dick.
That is ok, I understand your question.
Oh wow. It's amazing how games can do all of that, esp. with the bad rep MMOs get with older generations. It's really cool that you dedicated to time to it like any other hobbyist, which isn't something I personally see too often in the gaming community (I like most everyone I know plays something for a short while then moves on). I can't even play stuff like WoW for too long, try as I might.
You said the magic word! WoW is repetitive and shallow in comparison. plus there's a level cap (right?)... to reach a maximum-skill character in EVE would take 20 years (or something like that).
Never played Eve but I'll defend WoW. The level cap isnt the end of the game. For a lot (not all) of people, leveling is just a chore that they have to do to play the full game. At level cap is where you do a lot more, gearing up becomes the new form of leveling and it is quite difficult ( but not impossible ) to get the best gear possible in every spot.
You're right, I apologize for reaching a bit.
I think there is a level cap on WoW but I've never come close to reaching it. It's fun but, with the cost of sub plus classes and work... fuckin' forget it.
I'm 31. i was just curious if i should take offense to that comment, i was looking forward to saying "i AM one of the older generation" but I do not qualify. one more question: are you a girl? I'm trying to put your initial comment into some context, and perhaps figure out just how surprised you would be by something like this.
Just making sure, maybe it was the dick thing that threw me off
Did an eve player just call another game repetitive?
I'm sorry if your EVE experience is repetitive
You shouldnt, as my experience constists of repeatedly not playing eve
It's interesting that a lot of Eve players are much older than you'd expect. Almost everyone I spoke to was in their 20's or more. I knew one guy who was late 40's.
Well 20's is hardly old :P
I can't wait till they reach that moment in their late 20s, approaching 30s, realizing they don't feel much different than they did at 22...and then some punk calls them old.
That's like asking a PC gamer why they would spend $600 on a video card. In the case of the video card it's more FPS. In this case, I'd imagine you'd gain access to more relevant information visible at once.
That is pretty cheap for how much hardware it is. I'm not a PC gamer, yet, so I don't know how much stuff is and I've never really kept my computers up since I only got my first personal one (that could handle any games) a couple of years ago.
So what's the total resolution?
Please say this isn't for mining
No, it's not for mining
Ha just giving you a hard time, but also glad. Awesome set up, I thought multiboxing 4 was challenging enough.
Oh and i was just relieving your concern. that would look bad on all of us if i was a miner
Woot! A fellow Skelonton-izer! internet high-five
Yup, common to hear. I had to mod the back slightly myself to accommodate 3 cards.
Why would you go with the iPads retina display and not the 15" rMBP screens? Are they that much more expensive to set up in this fashion?
I was waiting for the adafruit version to see if it was comparable to abusemark, but it seems to be the same thing at nearly double the cost. adafruit offers an unassembled kit with screen, similar displayport card, and and case for $225.
Agree dead it's overkill for eve, just had it bookmarked for my next machine. Wanted something that could fire 5 30inch monitors.
It was about time adafruit released their version.
Yeah I sent them emails regularly to ask for an ETA and it was always "we're working on it :-3" meanwhile i have NEEDS.
I don't know what rMBP is and I wasn't aware it existed, so I never began to consider it as a possibility.
Retina MacBook Pros I think.
Ah, i see. ...maybe next year?
I believe dp2retina actually has a controller for the rMBP panels, thought I think it's $150 for those controllers. Not to mention I think the panels are way more as last I checked they were only available as a full lid assembly with hinges and all.
I love this station! Would you please post pictures with the displays on and showing images in native resolution? I'd like to gauge how hard it would be to read text because of the huge resolution on such a small display.
Oh i see what you're getting at. do you have an ipad? I could take a screenshot of one monitor's contents and you could fullscreen it on an iPad.
Oh no I don't. What I thinking more along the lines of a picture of your gaming setup likes the ones you provided, only the computer is turned on with web browers/windows/etc on the screens so I can judge how small they would appear as
Lol small. my roommates are convinced the only reason this works is because my vision is better than 20/20
Ho lee shit. i want to do this but my vision is ass so i may just hold off
Are you making a lot of money off of these characters? how much do you spend each month on subscription costs?
Roughly one annual account payment per month, is about $115/month.
If you mean irl money, no, this is purely an entertainment expense for me. in-game, i've run out of things to buy. like, I have ten of everything.
Amazing. I am always impressed by peoples ability to hack and slash something to make it better. You my friend get my vote for this months amazing gamer. Thanks for the post.
Wow, that sent a shiver down my spine! that's worth at least two more weeks of notoriety \o/ completely serious, thank you for that compliment
Yeah that lcd works but why pay more from another dealer?
Thank you for the quick reply. I'll be sure to check them out. Would possible use it with my laptop portably to have more real estate when working.
I hear you can use ipads as-is for additional monitor space.
There's an app called AirDisplay that allows you to use an ipad as a second display over wifi. In my experience it doesn't work very well.
Can you take a picture of all your screens in game. I would love to see it in action. I just got a triple screen set up and im wanting more.....
No, because you should know better than to ask for that.
I never played eve. So idk about any plans getting destroyed or what not
No worries man. Just interested on what it looks like playing any game on that resolution.
How about not in game? I would love to see how the screens look in general.
How might one go about converting retina displays into monitors?
Round here we call that a 2/10
I think he's implying that you didn't read his post.
Why do EVE players spend such ridiculous amounts of money on your computers? Are you making money at this? How many spreadsheets do you need open at one time anyway?
I'm not making money but i'm saving quite a bit of it by playing instead of doing other things. I figure as long as I don't do anything stupid & stay out of trouble i'm in good shape.

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