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Everyones gotta love a Galant :)
Mind measuring that table attachment? I have the same table and I want to add on to it with that extension, but I'm not sure if it'll fit in my room.
Did you make ur headphone stand? If yes, how did you connect the joint to be sturdy?
So about that mayor... ;)
What Galant is that? I see everyone mentioning them but there's like 400 to choose from.
That's because its a modular set. I was confused by this at first as well but when you go to IKEA these large versions are put together by smaller pieces ex(small rectangle +corner desk + small rectangle) you really have to measure it out to see I thought I could have a large desk in my room but all I could fit was the corner piece still an amazing desk though ;)
I like your amp. What's that interface on top of your optical drive? Almost looks like an equalizer? Nice setup.
So you graduated college and your moving into your parents house?
Since it's Canada, a post-graduate is Master's or a Ph.D, which takes a buttload of time and money to complete. I'm guessing he/she is just moving away from campus in their parents' to get financials in order before finding a job.
That's usually how it is in the US too

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