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I'd be scared if that head was in my bedroom
Think of it more as a friend than a foe.
I cant put into words how uncomfortable this makes me. I'm totally scared of that head right now
God damn where did you get that beauty? I've been looking for a head for this exact idea for forever.
Yep, it was my sisters from when she was on cosmetology school!
Hell yes. I need to buy one of these to put behind people's blinds and shit.
Did you go to Bradley?
With the sunglasses on he kind of looks like chris costa formerly with magpul
The only concern if have is increased wearing of the band due to constant stress. Otherwise pretty cool/creepy
I got a Styrofoam head as a headphone holder, too, but had to stop using it after a day. It REALLY! loosens up the grip they have on your head and that's even on my quite massive head. If you the headphones to hold on to your head, I wouldn't recommend it.
Why would you put a hat on it? Now, every time you want to wear the headset, you have to take the hat off and put it back on.

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