Computer Setup


I'd say it's a major improvement!
Love all the blue lol
Thanks. It wasn't intentional but I love the color blue so it worked out.
Sorry I'm late, but is there any particular reason you have your computer sitting on top of your desk? It seems awfully dangerous. However, love the case and all the blue. I have the same case with tons of blue lighting!
I just wanted to get it up off the floor I don't think it's that dangerous.
Ah, alright. Just seems to me like one wrong move and it's done for.
Im planning on getting that case, how is it?
I have the same case, and I love it! There is heaps of air ventilation and space enough to install a Corsair H80i. I was gonna get the H100i but the stores clerk said I'd have to mod the case to fit it, bummer. But overall, great case.
You're one of those weirdos who likes there case on the left! I hate that! Everything looks great but that gets under my skin for some reason. Looks nice though.

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