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Wouldn't it be much easier to have it swivel in from the side?
Yes but I really have this desire to make it part of the chair itself. More ergonomic and stuff. You cant deny it would carry more style to it.
This is a great idea, I would like to see some updates when you start your project.
Thanks for the compliment. I just am hoping to find out if this will work or not.
You're welcome, I hope it does would like to see the final product.
Is your room a barn?
No but about 10 feet tall height I work with. the mockup is a concept piece. Not drawn to any actual scale or exact size. I'm more wondering if this sort of setup could even hold monitors or if I should just go redesign. The end goal is to make my chair the desk and create something different.
Ima assume you have a ridiculously high budget limit so here goes.
Well you are kinda right, But the thing is Im trying to make a cheaper alternative DIY to the emperor workstation shown in the pic.
IIRC theres tubing brackets as well that you could drill holes in and bolt them together. Im very biased towards steel as a welder, though good PVC piping for the arms and support should work easily as well. I'd still make the base out of steel regardless for keeping weight lower.
I won't debate that steel is the better choice (because it totally is), I just have no way of welding it without upping the budget sadly.
Pretty much bolt everything thats made out of steel. Cut two holes in each joint and use the bottom one to fit the ratchet through to bolt the top part so the bottom remains as smooth as possible.
Okay why the downvotes?

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